Creation Crate Box

My Very Own Creation Crate

     My autistic some received many gifts for his twelfth birthday. There was so many colorful gifts with various bows and ribbons. Then there was this white box with blue words on it. No ribbons or bows. Not even any colorful wrapping paper. The box read “Creation Crate.” My son sat next to the table as others enjoyed the party. This was the first gift my son chose to open. The “Creation Crate” box contained a mood lamp. This has to be built from scratch. The box has captured his attention. As he looked at all of the pieces we continued to open his presents.

Creation Crate Mood Lamp Electronics Project Video


     The Mood Lamp: Once put together, this lamp will change collars when the lights are off.


Customers learn to write their own computer programs. This “Creation Crate” will help one to learn the basic programming concepts. They will also learn how to use breadboard and wires to connect electronic components. This is just the beginning steps for future creations.

The very next evening I found my son playing with his bedroom light. As I peeped into the door I noticed the Moon Light from the “Creation Crate” was complete. The moon light was changing colors every time he turned the light off. It was so beautiful and the smile on his face brought joy to my heart.  I quickly called my sister to thank her for the “Creation Crate.” To my surprise, she told me he would be receiving a new one every month for a year. My son is trying to wait patiently for the next box to arrive.

Please comment how much you like these “Creation Crate” projects after you put yours together. There are crates for adults and children to master. There is no limit to the many projects one can do after learning the basic steps and proper ways of safety.



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