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Creative & Fashionable STEAM Toys For Hours Of Playing, Designing, and Learning!

STEAM/STEM products have become more popular over the last few years. If you’re not familiar with STEAM, it stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEM is the same but minus the art). The STEAM toys I have seen provide children with a creative, hands-on experience to help them learn about one or more of those areas of education listed above. I like STEAM/STEM toys because they encourage children to have fun and learn at the same time. One such company that provides some very creative STEAM/STEM toys is GoldieBlox.

I received two products from GoldieBlox: a Rainbow Mini Purse kit and the Friendship Bracelets kit. Both kits provide you with non-toxic materials and all you’ll need to build some really cool projects.

GoldieBlox 1

Friendship Bracelets That You Can Build

The Friendship Bracelets kit allows you to make various bracelets, a necklace, or a crown. You can even make decorative cookies to decorate your bedroom. My child made a beautiful bracelet.


A Rainbow Purse, Pencil Holder and More

GoldieBlox 3

The Rainbow Mini Purse kit provides you with tools and supplies to make an adorable purse, a pencil holder, a floral collectible, a rainbow bracelet, or anything you choose to design. My child wanted to make it into a pencil holder to keep her pencils organized.

GoldieBlox 4

Pencil holder (pencils not included)

A Building Set That’s Fun & With So Many Possibilities

Both kits are fun and colorful. They can provide hours of play and building for your children. And, they both encourage thinking, planning, designing, creativity, and engineering/construction.  The kits are for children 8+ years of age.

We were able to easily follow the directions for both kits. Within a few minutes we were able to figure out how to use the tools and various building supplies. Building does require some manual dexterity. And, creating the joints of our project took a bit of extra planning. All in all, however, it was neat to see what we could create and build and it was fun to see and use the finished products. And, my favorite part was that we had a fun afternoon spending time together while building our creations.

GoldieBlox 5

The kits are created by FLEXO and are inter-compatible and can be utilized with other major brick building toys, which could provide tons of extra hours of fun and building.

GoldiBlox For Christmas

These fun GoldieBlox toys from FLEXO would make excellent stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts! They get kids learning, building, and interacting with cool toys (and it gets them off the screens)!  Visit the GoldieBlox shop and see what they have to offer. And, have a happy holiday season!

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A unique, building toy that has tons of possibilities and encourages fun learning! And, it makes a great Christmas gift!