Creative Ideas When Finishing a Basement

Creative Ideas When Finishing a Basement

Whether finishing just one area or the entire thing, there are some creative ideas when finishing a basement you may want to consider. An unused basement is extra room waiting to happen. And since it isn’t on the main level, it’s a great area to let your creativity flow and make something fun and unique.

A Small Apartment

Remember how you longed for privacy and your own space as a teenager? Imagine how thrilled your teenage child would be if you surprised them with a little apartment in the basement?

It could be a fun place to share with friends on the weekend and a quiet spot for studying. It doesn’t have to be fancy—a small refrigerator and an oven for frozen pizzas, plus a bed and television would be heaven for a teen.

Adult children would also benefit from this type of space. The college years while living at home will be easier with an apartment space to call their own.


Playrooms span the ages. For starters, if you have little ones, a playroom is essential. Then when the children are grown, the playroom can be handed down to grandbabies.

Playrooms are a lot of fun because you don’t have to hold back with design. If you always wanted a purple room but it doesn’t suit your adult home, live your purple dream in the playroom.

A Bar

Adult time. You deserve a place in the house just as the kids do. A bar can be created according to your style. When it’s in the basement away from everything else, you could even choose a style unique from the rest of your home.

Consider a contractor to aid in the design and building of a bar area. They are great at pointing out things you may not think of, such as running water to a small bar sink or electrical to hook up a small TV for game nights.

Movie Room

A place the whole family will agree on—a movie room. This is like a family room except super comfortable Lazy Boy-type seating is used and all seats face a large screen. A popcorn machine and mini fridge with drinks would be a fun touch.

Movie rooms are great for family nights and adult friends’ night as well.

Game Room

Game rooms can be whatever you make them. An arcade style room would be fun with retro video games to play. And unlike your childhood, this time you wouldn’t have to use all of your quarters.

In a large space, a classic pool table or ping pong table always draws people in.

Either way, also having a closet with cards and board games along with a small table will give everyone plenty of options for game night.

Enjoy these creative ideas when finishing a basement to help use that extra space below. The best part about finishing a basement is that you can change it as your family’s needs change.

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