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It can be great to sit outside during the summer and soak up rays, but it can also be nice to get away and hang out in the shade as well, which is why it's important to put together a backyard that can offer both. Luckily, there are a ton of options out there for a DIY-savvy homeowner looking to add a little shade to their yard. Here are just a few options that you can use to make a spot to keep cool in the summer heat.


Add a Fabric Canopy


A nice fabric canopy is a relatively affordable way to create a shady spot in your backyard. This is best done over a deck, where you can just use the railings as supports and throw up a quick and easy canopy. Make sure to use fade-resistant fabric so you don't have to replace it every few years when the colors lose their vibrancy! Fabric canopies are also super easy to put up and take down, so you can throw one up in the summer and take it down in the winter to prevent snow from accumulating on it. Easy-peasy.


Drape a Tarp


It might sound a little simple or pedestrian but buying a nice-looking cotton or canvas tarp and draping it over a slotted roof or pergola can instantly transform the area into a shady, sun-proof spot. It's simple, cheap, and easy to set up and take back down. Make sure to tie down the corners of the tarp so it does not blow away, especially if you're in a windier part of the world. A tarp also offers a ton of opportunities for creative styling, whether that means a flashy, brightly colored covering or just a simple rustic canvas.


Use an Outdoor Umbrella


If you're looking for something straightforward and time-tested, you can always just go with a simple outdoor umbrella. This has been a patio go-to for generations, and for good reason too. An umbrella is a great way to keep you cool and shaded around the table while still allowing the rest of the deck to be bathed in sunlight. An umbrella gives people more options, and it's even easier to set up and take down than the other items on the list. The only downside is the limited spread of the umbrella, so it may not be ideal for large families who are looking to beat the heat.


Put up a Pergola


Building a pergola over your deck is a great way to filter out sunlight without leaving you completely in the dark, which can be a plus. It also provides a simple but striking architectural feature for your backyard without being distracting. If you're searching for a look that's a little more rustic and draws the eye, you can always add some wisteria or ivy to the roof of the pergola and create your own little piece of the jungle.


Build an Awning


If you've got some space, you can always just build yourself a freestanding awning. It's cheap, easy, and doesn't take more than a weekend. Just throw up a frame, cover it with canvas or other fade-resistant fabric, and put some chairs underneath.


If you've finished setting up your shade and you're looking to delve a little deeper, give this article a look: It can help you take your backyard to the next level.

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