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Creative Ways To Help Your Kid Embrace the Birthday Card



Birthdays are extra special when you're a kid. Waiting a whole year for your special day to come along is something all of us remember from when we were young. When it finally arrived, we could not wait for all of the celebrations. Birthdays had to include cake, presents, a party, games and anything else that could make it the most special day of the year.

When it is time for your child to celebrate a birthday, asking them to bring a birthday card for kid parties instead of a big gift may not be well-received. How can we encourage our children to embrace the idea of giving a card? Here are some ideas you can suggest to your children to help them create a personalized message for a store-bought card that they will be happy to give to friends and family. 

Use a Special Signature

Encourage your child to dream up a special signature to put on the card. From using a funny script to using different coloured pens and markers, allowing your child to be extra-creative when signing their name can help them get excited about the card they are going to present to the honouree.

Add Stickers

Have your child use their favourite stickers to help personalise the inside of the card. Even better, if they know of the birthday kid's favourite characters or images, use those to make the card special for the recipient. Your child will be happy to present a card decorated with stickers that are important to them.

Draw a Picture

Encourage your child to draw a picture inside the card. Your child can choose to draw something that they share with the birthday child, like a class at school or a sport they play together. Not only is a hand-drawn picture the kind of personalizsed touch that makes a card extra-special, but it is a fun way for your child to add their own particular connection to the card. THis makes it extra-special to give.

Write a Poem

Having a child write a poem is a very special touch, one the lucky birthday celebrant will cherish for a long time. A verse that describes their friendship, or an activity that they like or a show they watch, will certainly be something that sets their card apart from the crowd. While it may sound intimidating at first, most children enjoy rhymes and love making up verses once they get started.

If your child is one of the few who does not enjoy making up traditional kinds of poems, try an acrostic poem. An acrostic poem is a poem in which each letter of someone's name is used as the first letter for a new line. Often each line will reference a certain aspect of the honoured person's character, making the poem not only about their name but about their personality as well. Acrostic poems can be especially fun to give and receive. 

Embellish with Stamps

If your child does not like to draw perhaps using stamps to make a design inside the card would appeal to them. There are endless designs, shapes and sizes of stamps to choose from so that you can truly personalise your design.

Include a Quote

Choosing a quote from a favourite book or scouring the internet for a quote that is appropriate for the occasion is another way for your child to cater their card to the recipient's taste. Carefully copying it into the inside of the card can create a keepsake the birthday kid will keep for a long time.

Tuck In a Gift

If a card truly does not seem like enough of a gift to your child, you can always tuck a gift inside. A gift certificate that would allow the birthday kid to pick a treat from a local shop would be well-received; but even a sheet of stickers or a special colouring page would be a sweet surprise when tucked inside a birthday card.


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