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“This is a sponsored review with Mums the World and Creator Box. All opinions are my own.” Creator box had sent me one of their boxes to review with my son Zachary. I have never worked with them before. I did not know what to expect. I wasn't sure if this was going to be easy or fun to do. There were a bag of wood pieces, glue, dowels and rubber bands. I thought it was going to be more work then fun. Well, I was wrong. It turned out to be a great time. The directions were easy to follow. The pieces fit together very easy.

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There was no guessing. The direction were step by step and I let my son read the directions and put it together. He was so excited to see that it was a catapult. It came with two balls and a castle picture. He started catapulting the balls all around. The smile on his face was so great to see. I love seeing him smile, it's such a great feeling. After playing with the catapult, he had made sure to put it away so it didn't get broken. Which he never does. He put it on top on my fire place mattel and said no one is allowed to touch it. We had made plans to color the catapult. He would like to pray paint it. I am going to have to go get paint. I would definitely like to see what other creator boxes they have to offer.  Here are two coupon codes for my readers: $5 off your first single box purchase 5CB and 50% off first box in subscription purchase 50SUB.

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Coupon Codes:
5CB = $5 off first single box purchase
50Sub = 50% off first box in subscription purchase


You can shop, and  facebook and twitter.


Now for the giveaway one of my lucky readers will win a box of their own, all you need to do is enter below and good luck . #creator box and @facebook creator box

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