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For a dandy woman like myself who loves to spend so much time in the kitchen, I must have appliances that make life more convenient. Things that spill, leak, break, or bend so easily should be outlawed. I love having storage devices that can temporarily hold liquids or dry goods that I need while in the process of making a dish or even a cocktail. For me, I couldn’t be happier with the barware from Crew.

Tall or Chubby

Crew has a selection of crew bottles and chubby bottles that will hold liquid for you. They are designed to be ultra hygienic, because the ease of cleaning and rinsing them takes away the grime fast. Because of their shape and texture, they not only can be cleaned quicker, but they fill much faster too. For someone like my husband who sometimes works behind the bar, it increases his speed of service when making drinks for his friends. I love the durability of the bottles! You can tell they are industry grade. They are recognized as tried and true craft glass. That means they are superior. Lastly, the bottles are dishwasher safe. They won’t break or tarnish, because they are built to last.


I love having both sizes. I can choose if I need the crew size. It’s a standard wine bottle size, with a long neck, and measurements on the side. The measurements help me allocate quickly some cocktails that I want to pre-make and store in the refrigerator. Or sometimes I use it for my balsamic vinegar oil that I use for my salad dressing. The beauty is I can use the bottle for whatever I please. The chubby bottle is much shorter but wider and holds a decent amount of fluid. I feel these are best for cooking oils.  They come with suctioned caps that make it easy to preserve them. The pour spouts are amazing at not leaking! 

I couldn’t be happier with my barware set for their ease in use and high quality glass.

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