Crispy green fruits at your fingertips anytime. Maximum satisfaction with zero guilt. This is a great alternative to fresh fruit. This is a smart way to satisfy that sweet tooth. They contain no processed sugars. No additives. No empty calories. The crispy green fruit is a satisfying treat snack fans have been waiting for. They are great to bring with you while you are out. When you get hungry you can tear open a great snack instead of stopping for fast food and regretting it afterwards.


You can add to cereal, mix with nuts, sprinkle over yogurt or ice cream, stir in your favorite muffin or cookie batter or even blend in to a plain yogurt for a great flavor boost. They have crispy pear, apple, mango, banana, cantaloupe, tangerine and pineapple. This is a great way to have your fruit on the go. Easy to add to school lunches , toss in your bag for the gym or keep with you for whenever the snacking urge strikes. For more information click here.



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