Critically Endangered Socks

Did you know that you could wear your heart on your feet?  As their slogan states, “our socks saves species”.  Critically Endangered Socks goes where no company has gone before, using funds from socks sales to help protect the Borneo rainforest & other foundations.  For every pair of socks sold, they donate 20% of the total sale price to charity.  By selecting which socks you wish to purchase, you also choose which charity they help.

These beautifully designed socks are made from a soft blend of 40% cotton, 40% bamboo, 15% polyester and 5% spandex.  The material used are Oeko-Tex Standard certified.  This means they are certified free of harmful chemicals.

They have only created 1,000 of each style.  There are five different sock styles to choose from.  Five different charities receive 20% of sales; dependent upon which sock is purchased.

Friends Of The National Parks Foundation

When you purchase the Orangutan sock, you help the Friends Of The National Parks Foundation buy and preserve rainforest in Borneo. This helps to protect the critically endangered Borneo Orangutans habitat from illegal lodging and palm oil plantations.

International Elephant Foundation

When you choose the Elephant sock, you are helping to fund the International Elephant Foundations Conservation Response unit based in Way Kambas national park in Sumatra. The Response units help to protect the critically endangered Sumatran elephants from poachers, bordering villages and deforestation.

Amur Leopard And Tiger Alliance

WildCats Conservation Alliance are the leading charity organization helping to protect the critically endangered Amur Leopard.  Purchasing the Leopard sock helps to fund WildCats education and out reach programs, anti-poaching initiatives and with population monitoring.

Oceanic Society

From the sales of the Hawksbill Turtle socks, you can help the Oceanic Society fund Sea Turtle Grants.  These grants help with teaching communities marine conservation in Bangladesh to learn how to identify the key habitats for Hawksbill Turtles in Sao Tome and Principe.

Whales And Dolphin Conservation

Did you know that the Maui Dolphin is one of the smallest dolphins in the world?  The Maui Dolphin is one of the most critically endangered dolphin species in the world.  By purchasing the Dolphins sock, you can help the Whale And Dolphin Conservation monitor the remaining Maui Dolphin species and help lobby governments in New Zealand to ban trawling and netting.

“A Gift With Meaning”

You can help to support saving and protecting some of the worlds most critically endangered animals by purchasing these limited edition socks. They make a wonderful gift for animal lovers, wildlife rescuers or anyone who wants to support a great cause.  They ship worldwide so you can even buy some for family and friends living across the globe.  They're also very comfortable and aren't too thick or thin.

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