Croatian Wine For Mother's Day

Give Her Dry, Gourmet Croatian Wine For Mother's Day This Year

Whether you're a wine lover or just a social wine drinker, you may want to read this post!  You can purchase cheap bottles or the most expensive, but no matter what type you like, it's important to buy from someone that cares about the actual product.  Croatian Premium Wine is made from, well, obviously, Croatia.  Quality is very important to them and I'm glad they sent me some.  I received Volarevic Plavac Mali Rose La Chic, Komarna 7 Plavac Mali, and Terra Madre Posip Premium, all vintage 2018.  Now, let me first say that I'm certainly no expert when it comes to describing the taste of wine, but it is my opinion.  They were very dry with small notes of various fruits.  I mean, isn't that with most wines, but I'll explain in more detail below.

Croatian Wine For Mother's Day

Croatian Wine: Volarevic Plavac Mali Rose La Chic

The grapes used in this wine are grown in hard, sloped terrains and they say the fruit will take on the flavor of the area.  The scent is so nice and reminds me of a warm hug.  I know, that's probably weird, but it does!  The wine is described as mildly robust tannins, rich aroma, and high alcohol content,  That is straight from the company website.  If you enjoy a very dry flavor of wine, you'll love this.

Croatian Wine For Mother's Day

Komarna 7 Plavac Mali

This is another dry wine, but there are many yummy fruits that give their influence!  The different flavors that go into making this wine are plum, blackberry, pepper, dark chocolate, and even a touch of vanilla.  Apparently, they take various wineries that make Plavac Mali and blend them together to make a unique flavor.  Again, if you like your wine dry, you'll enjoy this.

Croatian Wine For Mother's Day

Terra Madre Posip Premium

The first thing you'll notice about this wine is the amazing scent!  You immediately smell a bouquet of tropical fruits, which is my favorite.  They blend together pineapple, banana, and typical Mediterranean herbs.  It has a bitter and sweet balance that I happen to enjoy greatly.  Apparently, it's recommended to be consumed with seafood and shellfish.  I don't know much about those things, luckily they tell you that on their website.  This wine is dry, but it's by far my favorite of all 3.

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