Love the spiraliser tool and that you can create two different thicknesses! MAde my nephew french fries and he loved them, my sister used it for salad where we made the vegetables all siral, they looked really good. It is of excellent quality, easy to put together and even easier to clean.

The attachments can be conveniently and safely stored, and everything attaches and comes apart real easy. The blades are ultra sharp which makes slicing through harder vegetables easy.To remove the container lift it slightly as you pull it out of the machine. We are having so much fun using this and enjoying it. Makes slicing veg so much simpler and more interesting!


Cuisique™ Spiral Vegetable Slicer is a high quality Vegetable Spiralizer Great for Raw Courgette Noodles or Pasta Making.
It is an 8 in 1 Slicer, which includes a Grater, Mandolin and Juicer and a Perfect Julienne Cutter as well.
This Spirolizer is easier to use than the horizontal Paderno spiral slicer, just follow the simple instructions and with the asistence of gravity you will find the Cuisique slicer makes easy work of raw noodles from courgettes and most other raw vegetables and some fruits.
The Cuisique slicer also has a handy collection container for your noodles and slices unlike the other brands.

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