With such a big number of researchers asserting that observing fish in the aquarium may take away your stress, for example, after writing custom papers or after a long working day, it is not unexpected that such a large number of directors and managers keep aquariums in their offices.

Apart from being effective in therapeutic things such as making hyperactive children more calm and lessen blood pressure, aquariums can also be the attractive parts of a design.

However, aquariums usually take a lot of space. In addition, you have to know a couple of useful tips on how to look after the fish and plants in them. Therefore, read this article in order to gain more knowledge about the cultivation of aquarium fish and plants in your office.

  1. Aquarium upkeep

In spite of the greater part of the studies proposing that aquariums diminish anxiety, take note of that they can prompt anxiety also, particularly in case you are accountable for the aquarium's upkeep. Cleaning the tank, making water changes, dealing with the filtration, looking after the fish can be not only exhausting but can also take a lot of time. Obviously, in case you are concerned that the upkeep is too difficult for you, you can simply use an aquarium maintenance company's services.

  1. Tanks

You can choose between the freshwater and saltwater tanks. It is recommended to use freshwater tanks for the beginners and saltwater tanks for those, who had a successful experience of having the aquarium.

Despite the fact that saltwater fish can be colorful and exotic, they are usually more expensive than freshwater fish. Additionally, it is more difficult to keep the maintenance of saltwater fish because they frequently do not want to eat when they are firstly brought into the aquarium. Moreover, their tanks require significantly more upkeep.

  1. Costs

Price depends on a size of the tank, the types and quantity of the fish and plants. Usually the cost of aquarium can be $ 50-1000.

  1. General tips

∙A lacking amount of water: Even in case you are making the small aquarium only for one fish, make sure that the tank include at least one gallon of water.

∙Tap water has to be dechlorinated before you can pour it into the aquarium during the water changes.

∙Keep your aquarium some distance from the direct sunlight otherwise the green algae may be formed in the tank.

∙Filtration of the water has to be carried out about three times per day and the over filtration is not a problem at all. Therefore, consider buying a large filter.

∙Adding too many fish is one of the most common mistakes. It is recommended to add only two or three fish at the beginning and only after having a nitrogen cycle established, you can add more fish to your aquarium.

∙Always try to choose the fish that has similar needs if you want to have different types of fish in your aquarium.

∙Do not overfeed fish. In addition, try not to keep it starving. Control the feeding sessions and make the notes about it if needed.

∙Be careful while choosing the fish. Ask a professional aquarist for help in order to avoid buying the unhealthy fish which can not only die fast but also can infect the other fish.

  1. Best fish and plants for the aquarium in the office



For cold freshwater aquariums:

∙Gold fish

∙Bloodfin Tetras

∙White Cloud

For heated freshwater aquariums:


∙Black Molly

∙Black Skirt Tetra

∙Kuhli Loach




Read more about the freshwater aquarium species here.


For saltwater aquariums:

∙Coral Beauties

∙Butterfly Fish

∙Watchman Goby





Carpet plants:

Water Wisteria

Java Moss


Mid-ground & Background plants:

Amazon Sword

African Water Fern

Java Fern

Green Tiger Lotus

Anubias Nana

Read more about the freshwater aquarium plant species here.

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