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Cure By Chiara # HolidayGiftGuide


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Cure by chiara trio set was sent to me for review. When I had opened the shipping box it is in a heart shaped box. When you open the heart shaped box you have the three products in it. The replenishing spray, recover shampoo, and double body serum. I love trying new products and finding which ones work for me. They smell good. Very light clean scent.
First is the replenishing spray. You spray into towel dried hair to condition, soothe, hard tea and cure damaged hair. Leave in your hair and style. Leaves your hair smelling fresh. It does not leave your hair greasy. The active ingredients are aloe, silk protein and panthenol which helps moisturize, smoothe and improve your hair.
The recover shampoo is pink. Use to encourage hair growth. Using vitamins and minerals to nourish, smooth and keep a PH balance. It is color safe. Lather into wet hair and rinse thoroughly. The recover shampoo gives your hair more flexibility. Reduces breakage. Soothe cuticles and shine. Protects color. Contains pro dew 500, quinoa, multiple extracts and tripeptides which protect colored hair, strengthen, reduce breakage and straighten hair bonds. I have been using for a week and my hair seems to be getting healthier.
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The double body serum helps to influence fine hair textures. An exclusive peptide complex penetrates hait to increase fullness. Embrace the root, expand volumes. Strengthen, cure your texture. Helps body building, rejuvenated, repairs and leaves a long lasting soft touch. Contains pro vitamin b5, tripeptides, b3 and pro dew 500 which helps elasticity, moisture, strengthen, prevent hair loss and color protectant.

I have been using these products for a week and I see a difference. I have psoriasis on my scalp and I am always losing a lot of hair in my brush. I know a lot of people lose hair in their brush, but it lose a lot. I not only see new hair growing in I also see less hair in my brush. Which makes me very happy to see this product is helping me. I also like the fact that 20 percent of the proceeds go to cure. For more information click here.

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