The Curious Creamery- DIY Ice Cream, No Machine “Relaunch”
by Jareer Abu-Ali
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The Curious Creamery is an ingenious system that enables you to create premium frozen desserts and ice cream in any flavor in minutes.

The industrial process of ice cream making hasn't changed since it was invented in the mid 1800's, just with a lot more pollution and worse ingredients. But we are here to change all of that!

The Curious Creamery: Product Highlights

And if you're ready for more detailed information, please read on!

You can also watch this video for a more in-depth introduction to our company and products.

Make Gourmet Ice Cream WITHOUT an Ice Cream Machine.

The Curious Creamery is a NEW way to make real, premium ice cream in any flavor – at home or anywhere – in a matter of minutes WITHOUT an ice cream machine.

Make any style ice cream you want; Philadelphia style, French Style, Italian style or better yet invent your own style!

And for the first time ever, you can make ICE CREAM CAKES at home with just a few minutes of preparation.Multiple layers and multiple flavors are no problem and it's actually easier than baking a traditional cake.

Have you ever wondered what fresh picked organic blackcurrant ice cream tastes like or even trying seaweed ice cream?? We certainly have, and with our product you can really satisfy your culinary curiosity! With The Curious Creamery you get to decide exactly what goes into your freshly made ice cream.

Prepare and scoop right in the provided, recyclable tub!
Why is The Curious Creamery a Better Way to Make Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts?

The hope is that our product will encourage you to explore cooking more of your own food instead of relying on less healthy, store-bought options.

It's simple, fun and easy
Great for adults and kids
Creates an understanding of how your food choices can effect you
You have control of flavor, nutrition and styling.
With this system you can make delicious super premium ice cream with just a third of the fat, calories and saturated fat of industrial ice cream. Alternatively you can use fresh heavy cream and milk from your local dairy to make the richest most indulgent ice cream you have ever had!

The Curious Creamery base contains:

No preservatives
No artificial colors
No artificial flavors
No high-fructose corn syrup
No hydrogenated fats
No gluten
No cholesterol
No trans-fats

How Does The Curious Creamery System Work?

Prepared in under 5 minutes in 3 easy steps (plus freezing time), the Curious Creamery fits easily into your busy schedule with no dishes to clean up or clunky, expensive single use machines to deal with. Make as little or as much as you like!

At the heart of the system is our patented creamery activator base and our patented containers with built in overrun meter. We took the best of the ingredients in ice cream and put them together in such a way that all you have to do is choose what you want to add. Then add cold liquid to the base in our patented container, stick the mixer in, mix for a couple of minutes, then freeze and enjoy!

The Curious Creamery Ice Cream Tub

With our tub system you get 3 parts:

The activator creamery base mix;
The mixing container (with built in overrun meter – also doubles as a storage container if you would like – an optional divider that lets you make multiple flavors in the same container); and
A hand mixer (if you already have a hand mixer or electric whisk or egg beater or stand mixer already then you don't need to get ours, pick the reward level accordingly)
Making the ice cream is simple. Just follow these steps.

1. Combine the mix with a liquid or your choice (fill up to the line) along with whatever flavors you like.The built-in overrun meter makes it simple to determine how much of everything to add and how long to mix to get different types of ice cream using different types of ingredients.

2. Mix them together in the provided ice cream container until the mixture level rises to the finish mark (or until it roughly doubles in size).

3. Add any other inclusions or fragments you want. Remember, smaller pieces will usually float and freeze better.

4. Freeze and enjoy!

And for those big events…

It's a Piece of Cake!

One of the best parts is that you can now make ice cream cake at home in minutes for a tiny fraction of the cost of store bought cakes. You can customize it, make multiple layers without having to freeze in between, put layers of cake or crust on the bottom or inbetween the ice cream layers, and even mold into fun shapes and awesome novelties. All you do then is freeze, take out of the mold and decorate.

You can choose your liquid with The Curious Creamery and you don't have to rely on dairy, which gives you the ability to get such powerful flavor signatures in your frozen dessert!

For example, try making green tea ice cream using brewed matcha green tea instead of water or milk and you will get this super clean, intensely flavorful treat. Especially since rapidly chilling the green tea to use in the system entraps and holds much more of the flavor volatiles that would have otherwise evaporated or been destroyed as the hot tea sat; it's like getting a flavor snapshot frozen in time at its peak!

If we can significantly exceed the above goal then we will ramp up our work on developing GMO-free, Organic and Vegan versions of the product so that the user can have a truly blank canvas to craft their ice creams and frozen desserts upon.

Stretch Goals:

$100,000 we can source the ingredients to make GMO, organic and vegan version of this product.

$150,000 We can source reusable, metal keepsake containers.

We also want to take some of the funds and work on getting the best flavors from around the world to be able to offer you special treats like single bean Tahitian vanilla, real blue mountain coffee and exotic super foods like mangosteen, bael fruit and butterfly-pea.

What's My Contribution Paying For?

We have spent countless hours and dollars refining the product to make it easy to use and super flexible, and we finally know we have the right formula. Your contribution will help us buy the equipment we need to make the active ingredients and then buy the rest of the ingredients we need to make enough of the product to meet the co-packer's minimums so that we can start sharing it with more people.

We are proud that our system can cut the carbon footprint of ice cream by up to 90%. Our current disposable paper and foil packs are fully recyclable but we would like to do better by designing and using highly reusable rigid, keepsake containers to be used with refills of the activator base which would both cut the product cost and reduce waste and landfill usage. With your contributions we hope to be able to pay for making the necessary molds for the containers and to buy the supplier minimum order quantities.

32 Oz Tub (Concept Packaging)

Ice Cream Cake Mix (Concept Package)

Make ice cream cakes – as many layers in any flavors or colors as you like!

Make all kinds of molded novelties – including colorful, multi-flavored treats!

The Curious Creamery Team. LTR – Ron Tan, Dr. Rika Ratanatriwong, Dr. Jareer Abu-Ali, Ming Phuangsuk and Rajesh Naidu.
Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
Every new creation carries with it risks and challenges, and that is no different for a product like ours with the strict standards we set for it.

Our main mission in this project is to use truly clean ingredients. We have communicated these standards to the ingredient suppliers and they have assured us that they can comply, but we can't verify that till we have placed an order and received samples from the actual batches we will be using then test them to verify. If these samples don't meet our standards then we will be forced to reject them and seek different suppliers which may cause a delay in delivering the product.

Likewise, we are relying on co-packers today to make the product for which we were quoted a fee and a production minimum, but if at production time the co packers raise the price or set a higher minimum then we would have to seek other co-packers which could also cause a delay.


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