Curious Creamery


Curious Creamery

My family loves everything about ice cream. The Curious Creamery helps me create homemade ice cream at home. Without the ice cream churn. I remember churning ice cream on the front porch with my granny. I love those memories but not the hard work. Now you don't have to work that hard to have delicious ice cream.

Curious Creamery Ice Cream Mix

Curious Creamery

So easy to create your very own special flavor. The Curious Creamery knows that some families are bigger than others and need more ice cream. My family loves ice cream so we never have enough. While you have so many options of flavors to blend. You will find a flavor for everyone.

Because you can choose which liquid you want to start with you can create masterpieces. Just mix and chill the liquid, add liquid to the tub and one of the pouch. Gently stir to mix up and then use your mixer for approximately 3 minutes. After mixing and blending freeze for 4-6 hours. Then serve to your family and enjoy.

Curious Creamery Ice Cream Cake

Curious Creamery Curious Creamery

Oh and did I tell you that you can make your very own ice cream cake? Well you can! And they are delicious and easy to make. Just like with the ice cream, pick and mix your chilled liquids in a stand mixer or a larger mixing bowl. Just add sugar and a pouch to moisten the mix. Hand whisk until wavy and creamy. Just remember when you are mixing it will double in volume within 3-5 minutes. Then add your flavoring and mix ins. Just a hint, if you are doing multiple layers. Simply separate your mix. Then you can flavor and/or color each layer differently. Pour into a silicone mold or a springform pan. Freeze 4-6 hours. Then you can serve your homemade ice cream cake with your homemade ice cream. You will be the hostess with the mostess.

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  1. Looks easy enough even for a cooking-challenged gal like me 🙂

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