Yummy Booze Free Cocktails

Yummy in my time. Can you say enjoying yourself with a cocktail but not getting drunk at all. Something you can share with your friends or take for yourself so you can drive home safely after a get together? I always love to be social and I definitely hate feeling left out. So my solution is to take a wonderful bottle of Curious.

Just Be Curious About It

Curious? Let me just say there are a variety to choose from. Each one is booze free and is a delectable cocktail! I am the type that hates to consume too much manufactured stuff, and with Curious by Elixir, the booze free drink is handcrafted with organic ingredients and no extra sugar! That’s a win win for my husband and I. We really enjoyed the Curious Elixir number three.

Numbers One Through Four Varieties

The number three is a wonderful blend lemon juice, juniper berry extra, cucumber juice and other organic ingredients. Drinking them cold straight out of the fridge was very refreshing and fun. In the evening, my husband and I would relax In front of the television and we would grab a Curious cocktail each to quench our thirsts.

For the Curious number one, it contacts pomegranate juice with additions of lemon, gentian root, goldenroot, and others. To drink Curious number one you add a large ice cube, orange slice, or a twist of lime! For the number three its adding a lemon peel! These wonderful booze free cocktails are shaken not stirred. When you get them just flip them outside to get the ingredients and spices all mixed up properly. These bottles will last for 6 months.

The Curious number two consists of yummy pineapple, orange juice, ginger, lime, and others flavors. It’s perfect over ice and with a lemon wedge. I love adding salt rock crystals on the rim, and taking a delicious helping when I drink my booze free cocktail. I just love saying that! Booze free means I don’t have to get drunk and I can be present in the moment. Also, I do not have to worry about leaving these drinks in the fridge and having my kids accidentally get one to drink.

Lastly the Curious number four is a mix of blood orange, white grape juice, green mandarin, and other yummy spices. This cocktail is best in a wine glass, or can be over ice, and garnished with an orange slice.

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