After The Cut – 6 Wonderful Ways to Reclaim your After-Hours Freedom


The hours immediately after the end of work can be very satisfying to begin.

The clock strikes that magic hour, and all of a sudden you have a long time before you need to be back at work, if it’s a friday even more so. Before you go home and lay your head down on your koala mattress, you have hours worth of time to fill with any activity you want to do, barring other responsibilities.


Some people can struggle to fill this time effectively, and some just want suggestions of even more things to do. Either way, we’ve set up a list of suggestions on how to fill those golden after-work hours.




It is often remarked that exercise is just voluntary torture, and for an unfit person this is certainly true for a while. Nothing worth having in this world comes easy, and that includes a muscular, healthy body, so the hard work is well worth it, especially when you consider the benefits of working out.


As well as increased stamina and strength, a boost in mental health is strongly linked with regular exercise, as well as a reduction in chances of heart disease and a better quality of life. Best of all, exercise stops feeling hard and pointless after only a few months of regular workouts, which is when the endorphin rush begins to happen after a good workout, making you feel incredible.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a few hours a week.




For the musicians reading, playing music can be a great way to spend your afternoons, and for the non-musicians who are interested, there’s never been a better time to learn. After work your mind is active and receptive to creative information, and learning a musical instrument is best done like any other complex task- through repeated practice.


Try aiming for an hour a day ideally, but two to three hours a week at least.

If you’re already well versed in your instrument, try teaming up with other musicians and writing songs, or performing covers of your favourites. If you would prefer to play alone, you can always record yourself and accompany yourself.





If you’re more of an adventurous type, exploring your city or your suburb can be a good way to pass the time. Pick an area you’re unfamiliar with, bring an ipod or similar music device, and just wander around exploring. Make sure to bring enough money to get a cab to somewhere familiar, in case of an emergency, and you’ve got hours to spend learning the nooks and crannies of your city. Bring someone along if the area is very unfamiliar or if you feel uneasy, and always remember to stay safe.







If you’re more of an indoor person, a variety of puzzles can be found online and in-stores that can hold your attention for hours, and brain-teaser style puzzles can be frustrating, but very rewarding when completed. These can be completed alone, or in the case of some puzzles, with friends and family, and a large, complex jigsaw puzzle can last weeks, sometimes.




If you’re more interested in a modern take on a pass time, video games can be incredibly immersive and entertaining, not to mention legitimately good for you, lasting hours and hours on a single game. If you haven’t played video games before, or for a few years, there are many video games being released on newer and newer consoles, and the number of high quality video games you haven’t yet played may be stretching into the hundreds by now. With each lasting an average of 20 hours, that’s plenty of time you can spend exploring these painstakingly constructed digital worlds.




If all else fails, there is always the long-standing tradition of going out with friends.

This isn’t an option every day for most people, but seeing your friends regularly is a great way to relax after work, and catch up with people you may not have seen for a while.


These are great ways to spend an afternoon, and combining all of them might see your week fill up faster than you thought possible. Make sure to save some time for yourself to just relax.