Cute Design Themes for Nursery Room

Designing a nursery room for your precious children is not a simple task, but you are not alone in this. Dragons of Walton Street is a high-end brand of children’s furniture, which has been designing interiors for kids’ rooms for many years. The catalog is full of cute nursery themes with the designs of famous artists and unique styles by the talented designers from Dragons. Each furniture piece is lovingly painted by hand, which makes it a one-of-a-kind artwork that will serve your family for years.


Picking Nursery Design Themes for Your Kids


Dragons of Walton Street has a range of stylish and beautiful themes to complement the furniture in any kid’s room. Whether it is a bed, bookcase, wardrobe, toy box, writing desk, or another piece, adding drawings of beloved characters, animals, or fairies can make the whole nursery light up. All the furniture and design lines at Dragons come in stunning pastel colors perfect for children’s rooms. They are pleasant to the eye and have a good influence on your child’s psyche. Here are some of the most popular themes for nursery rooms:


  • Beatrix Potter – every child knows and loves the tales about Peter Rabbit and friends. This theme is great for children of different ages, boys and girls alike. With the special permission to distribute these official designs, you can enjoy each character drawn by hand on your furniture.


  • Vintage Safari – adventurous kids will love this one because it transforms the nursery into a savannah full of beautiful animals. With elephants, zebras, monkeys, giraffes, and other savannah dwellers, your kid will grow to love nature at a young age.


  • Flower Fairies – this elegant and tender line is perfect for a girl’s room. Delicate fairies in flower petals will make the nursery look like a princess room.


Many other famous characters and exciting themes for any kid’s taste can be created and repainted by Dragons of Walton Street.



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