Some may say that having a small bathroom is a real nuisance. That it limits your options regarding the design and that it makes it much easier to stumble on things lying around. However, I do not agree with this sentiment.

Like with other small spaces, tinny bathroom can be turned into something really beautiful and relaxing. Instead of yearning for something that will be stylish or extravagant, you can opt for a room that will make your feel comfortable and at home (in best sense of the word).

Here are some tips that will help you distract your guests from limited space and point them towards coziness.



  • Be careful with the colors


In order for this idea to work, you will have to focus on colors before anything else. The biggest issue with small bathrooms is that they feel constricted. Some people, wanting to make their bathroom look beautiful, make a mistake and take darker colors for their tiles and/or cupboards. This is something that should be avoided at all costs. Dark colors may be great for large rooms but in this case, they are really disastrous. Instead, you should choose colors such as white, silver and beige. If you wish to try some specific patterns, try something flowery, that has summer or spring theme. This will create an awesome basis for your new, relaxing bathroom.


  • Introduce natural light


Second tip goes in conjunction with the first one. If you already made your mind and bought light, jovial tiles, you need to proceed with the natural light. Windows in bathroom are something that can be both hygienic and beautiful. It goes without saying that sunlight is amazing. When introduced in a small bathroom, it will reflect on walls, illuminating the room and making it feel really spacious.


  • Use flowers to your advantage


Flowers are not necessary but they are definitely advantageous. However, keep in mind that you have to be conservative with their numbers and size. They are a great way for covering certain areas, cracks in the walls, chipped mirrors and other things you might wish to conceal. You can also place them hanging above your head or on the window. Options are limitless. Try to find something that will work well with the overall theme of the bathroom.


  • Use wood as much as you can


The point of this design is creating a feeling as if you are in nature. It is something that should be relaxing and taking your mind off lack of space. Considering this, it is best to use wood whenever you can. Your cupboards and mirror frame should definitely be wooden. All shelves can be wooden as well. Together with flowers, wood will add to overall feeling of serenity.


  • Roll towels


Most people tend to fold towels and place them one on another. Although this is a common practice, it is not the best option in terms of look and functionality. Yes, by rolling towels you are taking a bit more space. However, by doing this, you are making them look much more natural and beautiful. In fact, they look like big flowers. Also, there is one additional minor issue when folding towels traditionally. If you need a towel from bottom, you need to remove all the rest in order to access that one. Unless you are careful, this will make them messy and you will have to fold them once again.


  • Hang things on door


With this tip, it is all about utilizing space. Used towels and bathrobes can be placed on hooks which are attached to doors.  Of course, it is much better to place them on a wall (given that towels and clothes may fall off door) but with certain things, you have to compromise. So, instead of placing hooks on your walls which will cover the tiles and undoubtedly affect your décor, you can place them on door and hide them from sight.
With summer season still in full effect, it is nice to think of ways how to prolong it. If you choose to decorate your bathroom in this way, you ensure that this room will remain relaxing and refreshing throughout the year.

18 ideas to make a small bathroom look bigger

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