Bauli Chocolate Mini Croissants

Cute Little Croissants To Feed Your Soul - Bauli Chocolate Mini Croissants

Cute Little Croissants To Feed Your Soul


Bauli Chocolate Mini Croissants are a delicious and surprisingly guilt-free treat that you can enjoy anywhere — at home or on the go. These nifty little snack-size packages each contain 6 chocolate or vanilla custard-filled mini croissants.

Bauli has been in business baking traditional Italian delicacies since 1922, over 90 years! How many companies can say that nowadays?

Bauli Chocolate Mini Croissants

Like Bauli's holiday Pandoro and Panettone, the Bauli croissants are made using a “mother dough.” Water and flour are progressively added to this nucleus to create a croissant dough with natural yeast instead of chemical additives, allowing it to rise naturally.

After 18 hours of natural leavening, the croissants are soft and flavorful with a delicious aroma.

They also stay fresh for much longer than most bread or cakes, without any added preservatives. —– Bauli USA website

Each package of six croissants is one serving and contains 310 calories and 15g of fat. That's just a smidge over 50 calories per croissant. If you're like me and can't eat just one but have to keep going and eat the whole bag (so as not to waste any of that flaky, chocolatey goodness, for heaven's sake!) you could be very generous and share them with a friend or two as long as they're not dogs — ya know, since chocolate can be toxic for our furry friends. 🙂

For those with food sensitivities, you should note that this product contains wheat, eggs and milk and is produced in a facility where nuts and soy are used.

Bauli Chocolate Mini Croissants

I have always loved croissants used either as pastries, spread with flavored cream cheeses or sliced and used to make sandwiches — chicken salad on a croissant is one of my all-time faves. Bauli has produced a high-quality treat in this item. The croissant is soft and flaky and there's enough chocolate filling to satisfy your sweet tooth, but not so much that it becomes too messy to enjoy if you are on the go away from home.

My huge sweet tooth (which most often screams for something chocolatey) gives Bauli Chocolate Mini Croissants two thumbs up and is greatly disappointed that I don't have more thumbs available. Sorry, Sweet Tooth!

Bauli offers other great sweet treats for any occasion, including cakes. I'm totally interested in trying their Cherry Jelly Croissants. And be sure to check out their Recipes page for inspiring ideas for using their products to make any get together a little more special.

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