Cute Outfit Ideas for Your Newborn’s First Photo Shoot

Baby photoshoots are quickly becoming an important part of having a newborn. Family members who can't visit want to see the baby, and taking pictures creates a way to make these precious memories last forever.

Unfortunately, what to dress your baby in can be difficult. However, these are some of the best ways to ensure your baby is cute as a button and that the photos age well.

Solid Colors and Small Prints

It's better to go as simple as possible for color and prints. Most baby photography leans towards pastels for solid colors, but don't let this limit you to blue and pink! You can go for a range from mint to pale lavender and whatever other colors spark your interest. Of course, if you really want to do vivid royal blue, you can! Your baby's photos should reflect that they're part of your family.

Warm for the Studio

Although any good newborn photographer will do everything they can to ensure the studio is comfortable for their clients, you must pack a couple of outfits to choose from once you arrive. You may want to swap to a warmer one for the studio to ensure your baby is comfortable. These can still be adorable, like fuzzy onesies and fluffy dresses, but they'll also ensure your little one is as cozy as they can be.

Cute and Delicate Design

Something timeless in baby photography is how cute details like bows, lace, and buttons can look on a tiny infant. Of course, these are often outfits that a baby shouldn't be left alone in because they have elements that may be a choking hazard, but they can create a dreamy and angelic look for photos.

Something That Matches Your Family’s Personality

Like we touched on earlier, your baby's photos must show that they're a new addition to your family. For some, this could mean adding things like sports team logos, family initials, or items that have been in the family for generations. This is a cute direction many families go for and can be a touching way to ensure your baby looks and feels like family before they can even open their eyes.

What to Avoid

People make some common mistakes that can make these beautiful photos into something they wish they did better. Although any newborn image will be awesome, these mistakes are easy to avoid if you know about them first.  


It would be best if you generally avoided any clothes that are prone to wrinkling or that you'll have to adjust during the photoshoot constantly. Although an initial is fine, avoid most clothes with words on them because they distract from what's important and might age poorly. You don't have to worry about shoes, but make sure your baby is comfortable in the studio setting.

Your Baby’s First Photoshoot Should be Special

Although the photoshoot itself is important: it only matters because it's of your baby. So ensure that your baby is as comfortable and happy during the shoot as possible and that you take breaks if they start to get fussy or want anything. 

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