When a new baby is born the baby and mother get a lot of attention. But everyone forgets about the new daddy and how important he is and how he’s just been through a huge change also! He wants to feel proud and accomplished just like the mother does! That is where Daddy Scrubs comes in to play! Daddy Scrubs has the perfect gifts for a new, proud dad including scrubs he can actually wear in the delivery room!

They’re incredibly soft and comfortable.  I think that any Dad would be so much more comfortable in these than whatever he got stuck running to the hospital in.    Since most men stay in the hospital with Mom and the new baby these days, Daddy Scrubs make a great addition to the suitcase.   And when they run out to get something to eat, they can show off how proud they are of their new addition.  Think of how cute the pictures will be – a new Daddy with scrubs on that say “I’m the Daddy” holding his new baby.   There are some great shots of celebrity Dads rocking their Daddy Scrubs on

Daddy Scrubs make a great gift for any expectant family, for a first time Daddy or a veteran.   Expectant mothers often give them to the Daddys in their life.  Basically, they’re a great option for anyone looking for new dad gifts.   What a great way to show the Daddy that he is just as important as Mommy.


DaddyScrubs™.com is the offspring of Robert Nickell, who fathered his first four children more than 20 years ago. DaddyScrubs™ was conceived when Robert, who remarried in 2007, discovered he was about to be a father all over again in the fall of 2009!

Not wanting to endure the pains of wearing uncomfortable street clothes while comforting his laboring wife, Robert hatched the idea of creating doctor-like scrubs for himself. It seemed a natural thing for him to do — since Robert is a pharmacist by profession.

To eliminate the confusion between “who’s the doctor” and “who’s the daddy,” Robert fashioned the concept of “I’m the Daddy!™” medical scrubs.

All comfort wear from DaddyScrubs™ — including “I’m the Daddy!™” medical scrubs and t-shirts are available exclusively online at Daddyscrubs™.com.

Look for this trendy attire to pop up soon in many hospitals and baby stores nationwide.


Daddy Scrubs is going to do a giveaway for a pair of scrubs to one of my lucky winners all u need to do is follow and  leave a comment and subscribe to daddy scrubs


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  1. Melissa Bergman says:

    I AM IN LOVE WITH DADDY SCRUBS OMG and i would love this set!!!!

  2. jeanette sheets says:

    this would be for my cousin who just had a baby girl last week

  3. I’ve been wanting a set of the daddy scrubs in edgy navy blue so bad for my husband!! He is a very excited daddy and I know he would love these. Expecting our first this December 🙂

  4. Kimberly Schotz says:

    This would be for my son in law

  5. jeanette sheets says:

    for my brother in law

  6. Michelle Tucker says:

    I’d like to win this for my cousin who is expecting his 2nd baby.

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