There are so many words I could use to describe my daddy bit the biggest one is he was loved by all that knew him. It didn't matter who it was they adored my daddy. He would make people laugh and smile just being daddy. My brother in-laws would tell me how great daddy was and I would just smile because I knew he was.

Daddy would sit between our bedrooms and sing us to sleep every night when we were young, little things make me miss him more,and more. The way he made us feel safe like no one would hurt us, or the way he would hug us and we would feel safe.

You never know when your daddy would be taken from you and im saying I never thought I would be without my daddy, it's still a big deal and we miss him everyday, I remember Kelly asking me as we kept holding daddy's hand if daddy knew how much we loved him. And I said to her if daddy didn't want to do things for us he wouldn't and of course he knows. Daddy wasnt really big on hugging us and kissing us when we got older , but I know he loved his kids and would have done anything for us.

So today I say Happy Fathers Day to the man I love always and forever, I'm glad I was your little girl.

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