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Dairy Queen Red Velvet Cupid Cake


We are celebrating To celebrate Valentine’s Day, with a nice quiet night. Just the two of us and spending some time together watching movies. But I do want to get something special for him and I found the perfect treat. Dairy Queen has planned to pay homage to the brand’s 75th anniversary, known as a “Fanniversary,”

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Dairy Queennofollow system is debuting a new heart-shaped Cupid Cake, perfectly sized for two. The limited edition 8-inch cake is scrumptiously layered with a cream cheese base, DQ’s signature creamy vanilla soft serve, a rich red velvet cake piece center and February’s Blizzard® Treat flavor, Red Velvet Cake Blizzard


My husband will be so happy with this, he loves Red Velvet and this looks yummy. The perfect size for the two of them. This cake so unique is that this scrumptious layered, cream cheese based cake is made using Dairy Queen’s signature creamy vanilla soft serve and then has a rich, red velvet cake center.

Imagine the look on his face when I show him this sweet surprise, we been together for 21 years and I can remember the first Valentines day and he surprised me with a dozen roses, and they were the most beautiful roses I every saw. Hes always been a romantic man, surprised me with flowers all the time, not only on Valentines day and my birthday.

So make your favorite Valentines special by getting one of these special cakes, that you can share with. Valentines day will be special this year.

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