Despite the existence of poor topography in certain areas, a road network has to exist to link strategic places. As a result, the development of some of the world’s most dangerous roads that connect different areas. People can legally use these roads since they are recognized on the road network maps in the respective countries where they are found. This article highlights some of the most dangerous roads in the world and why they are popular.    

What are the consequences of driving on dangerous roads?

Most dangerous roads in the world are prone to natural disasters like slides, floods as well as rock falls and these can be fatal. You must know the likely consequences of driving on such roads may sometimes cause accidents.  If you are interested in getting information about the severe impacts of accidents, this website can be helpful. While accidents are inevitable, you should exercise extreme caution when driving on dangerous roads. 

The World's Most Dangerous Roads

Apart from the risks that are associated with some of the world’s most dangerous roads, it can be observed that these highways remain popular among different tourists who are mainly attracted by scenic views. Roads that are categorized as most dangerous are usually characterized by the following features: 

  • The most dangerous roads are popular among many people, despite having life-threatening terrains
  • Dangerous roads are carved into sides of steep mountains and they are characterized by high altitudes
  • Roads closer to oceans can be washed away by storms
  • The majority of these roads are characterized by poor design and unsafe speed limits

The following are some of the world’s most dangerous roads

The “Road of Death” Bolivia

The North Yungas Road in Bolivia has also nicknamed the ‘Road of Death.” True to its name, this road is regarded as the most dangerous in the world since around 200 to 300 deaths are recorded every year on this highway. The road reaches an altitude of up to 15,000 feet. Part of the road is not paved and it is characterized by sharp curves and it is covered by fog most of the time. Any slight mistake can result in the travelers plunging to their death in the gorge below.  

The Karakoram Highway

The road links Pakistan and China and it is prone to landslides that are often fatal. The 800-mile highway is a popular tourist destination, but it is characterized by high fatalities. During its construction, it is said that about 1000 people were killed. The road is also prone to natural disasters that include heavy snow, flooding, avalanches, and landslides.

“The Highway of Death” in Brazil

The “Highway of Death” is the second-longest road in Brazil and it is also one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The road earned its nickname following the deaths of thousands of people every year due to poor maintenance. However, the road remains popular among different users. 

Atlantic Road in Norway

The road runs through some scenic islands and it is also viewed as one of the most dangerous in the world. It is prone to strong wind and waves. These create potential hazards for the drivers, and in some instances, fatalities have also been recorded along the stretch of the road. Though this road is a tourist attraction, you need to exercise extreme caution when driving since you can be distracted by high rising ocean waves. 

Zoji Pass In India

The altitude of Zoji Pass is 11,500 feet, which put the drivers at the risk of plummeting into the gorge below should they make any mistake. The road is so dangerous that it is closed during winter when snow forms thick walls on either side making it impassable. The road is also prone to landslides and avalanches and these have often left many tourists stranded.  

Dalton Highway in Alaska 

The 414-mile road is made of gravel and it is unpaved which makes it difficult for drivers even when the weather is good. The road is covered by snow in winter, which makes it slippery and it is also prone to avalanches. Drivers are advised to carry safety gear when driving along this road which has no medical facilities. 

There are different roads across the globe and they are regarded as dangerous, but they remain popular among different tourists. These roads are characterized by poor design and they are prone to natural disasters. While several deaths are recorded on some of the world’s most dangerous roads, they remain legal to use and are not banned.  


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