When our niece told us she was going to have a baby, we were so excited and started looking for things we could get for him . She would be breast-feeding and getting up and down all hours of the night. We wanted something that she would get the most use out of.

The Daydreamer Sleeper was the best thing out there for her, and it has been a life saver , he's got reflux and this has actually helped him to feed better since she is doing both bottle and breast.

This ergonomically designed infant seat features high sidewalls to help prevent baby from rolling or falling out, and a one-hand-release safety harness helps make it quick and easy to move baby when needed. The 28° incline is designed to keep your bundle of joy in a comfortable lounging or sleeping position, while the moisture-wicking fabrics and a perforated inner core help keep your little one cool and comfortable. The waterproof seat area helps contain accidents.

When my sister had her son he was so miserable the first couple of months, because he had reflux and no matter what she did he would spit up poor baby. I like this because if she wants to visit family she can just bring this, and Liam can rest nice and comfortable, instead of all kinds of bent in his car seat.

It’s super soft materials and perfect 28 degree incline make it easy for baby to fall asleep and stay asleep! For tired, traveling parents, it’s a Godsend. She takes it all over the house when shes, doing some cooking hes on the floor next to her. This is the best shower gift and the soon to be mama will be so happy you did.

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