I would like to start off with a small back story. My husband and I met nine years ago. We had a very short engagement and were married less than a year after meeting. In our eight years of marriage we have had our ups and downs. Our highs would be so great, and our lows would just emotionally knock us both out. When him and I were first dating and discussing marriage we both agreed that if we were going to get married we were going to stay together forever. I know, it sounds so cheesy. I personally came from a broken home. I hated growing up, and we both knew kids were in our future. I never want that for my children. My husband didn’t come from a broken home, but did come from parents that have a very toxic relationship, which is just as harmful to a child.


While we were going through our most recent down after losing a family member.My husband seemed to be having a really hard time. This began to affect our marriage every single day. I had moments where I didn’t want to stay. I didn’t want to suffer through with my husband because I just couldn’t understand what he was going through. He couldn’t understand why I wasn’t being more understanding, especially given things I had gone through in my past. I had brought up to my husband that I thought we should try marriage counseling. My husband is a very private guy. He doesn’t want to go sit in a room, and talk things through. He also came from a household where “Men don’t do those types of things.” Or the “real men don’t share their feelings” attitude.


I knew finding the right counseling services for us was going to be harder for me to do. I didn’t want to put him in a place where he was going to be uncomfortable, and not willing to open up and help face the issues we have had in the past almost decade of being together. I knew that I needed to find a happy medium for both of us to still be able to get everything off our chest. Find a way for both of us to be able to get professional advice, but in a space that is more comfortable for both him and I. I went on a huge internet search and came across ReGain.

ReGain is so simple to use. You simply go through and answer what type of counseling that you need, they will then prompt you through all sorts of questions on things you would like to focus on. If you want to do individual counseling, or couples. What type of counselor you want. Male/Female, Older/Younger, Religious or not. They will help make sure you and your partner are able to find the perfect counselor for both of you. This service is super easy to use, and will help make you and your partner able to open up in a more comfortable environment for both of you. And because this is all done online, it makes it much less stressful for everyone.

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