With the recession in the background, it is not surprising that many businesses big or small are going through financial crises. Many businesses today are confronted with cash flow issues and debt management problems. If faced with this issue, speaking to a bankruptcy attorney in Harrisburg can be the first step towards getting things going in a positive direction once again. Many business owners are realizing the need for restructuring their debts for easing financial stress.     One of the most effective methods of sorting out varied debts is by taking out a debt consolidation loan. Debt consolidation would effectively pay off all existing debt and your business would have to deal with only one single loan, instead, of many diverse loans, at one time. The primary objective is to reduce monthly commitments for freeing up more cash. This would place your business on a much more stable mode.

Are you eligible for debt consolidation?

You could take out a debt consolidation loan only depending on whether you are able to repay the loan and if your business is viable in the very first place. Any business that is capable of turning itself around and is just going through some cash flow issues would be regarded as viable. If you are not capable of meeting borrowing commitments, your application would be turned down. If you could demonstrate to the debt consolidation company that this is just a temporary phase and that you could certainly repay the amount you borrow, then you would be getting the financial assistance, you are looking for. 

What are the options available to you?

Businesses usually have several options if they require raising finance for consolidation of existing debts. Not all businesses could use all these solutions. Debt consolidation and other debt management solutions are applicable to any business depending on its present and future circumstances.


You must choose debt consolidation option for your business to overcome the financial crisis. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of finance available to businesses: equity loans and debt loans. With a debt loan, all you have to do is to borrow an amount to repay the entire borrowed sum with no strings attached. An equity loan involves selling equity for raising the money required by you. Some options would be including:

Bank Finance: You could approach your present bank and put in a business loan request.

Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists: These individuals and companies would be pumping money into your business and assist you in refinancing your business but would be taking an equity stake.

Government Sources: Government has been increasing its loans to help the financially distressed citizens. The government basically makes it easier for you to find loans, and it minimizes lender risks etc. 

Reverse Mortgage: Available for homeowners 62 years and older, getting a reverse mortgage to consolidate debt may seem like a viable option. This allows homeowners to tap into their home's equity. There are some caveats that need to be addressed through before obtaining one so it's best that you do your research.  

Why Opt for Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation is the most effective way of combining diverse balances owed by you into a single monthly payment and a single interest rate. Debt consolidation is your best bet and helps you in repaying your debts. Now repaying debts have become much more achievable thanks to debt consolidation. It surely takes the debt load off your shoulders.

Remember debt consolidation is not meant for erasing your debt.

Debt consolidation is effective in merging diverse balances into a single simple payment and could effectively lower your existing interest rate and make your payments relatively more manageable. Debt consolidation is not to be mistaken for an easy fix to erase your debt. Debt consolidation, however, involves bundling of all existing debts into a single new loan which could be utilized for paying off current loans.


You have to stay away from accumulation of more debts while the repayment process is in progress. Close your accounts at once when your debt is paid. Keep all these debt consolidation information in mind. You could seek a genuine second opinion by getting in touch with a professional debt consolidation specialist and go on comparing loans for determining the most effective way of going about cutting down your debt.

Author Bio: Michael Kane is a financial expert at a premier consultancy firm. He runs a financial blog where he explores budgeting, wealth management, and debt consolidation option for your business, and is also working on a book where he will compile his best articles.

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