My lovely decorated cutting board. It is double sided. Or at least that is what I call it. One side is plain to use as a regular cutting board. The other side can be used to decorate your kitchen and celebrate your anniversary or when you first started your family with first born child's birthday. Mine has our last name and when we got married. I have it handy and use it all the time. It is just the right size for me and I love using cutting boards. I just to be bad and just did my chopping and cutting on the counter but not anymore this little cutting board is very handy.

Traditional family monogrammed cutting board engraved on your choice of wood.  A great traditional housewarming gift or anniversary gift. I actually have bought several for a few of my best friends to give them on their next anniversary. Two of my children love to cook and plan on taking Culinary Arts in High School. I plan on giving each one one of these cutting boards with their graduation date on it.

I also like to use mine as a cheese board and for small snacks that way the kids can eat as they want and I don't have to mess up any more dishes than absolutely necessary.


• Premium Top Grain Cutting Boards
• 3 Wood Types Available
• Handcrafted and engraved with our custom designs
• Our Boards are 3/4″ Thick
• One side can be used as a cutting board, the other side a charming addition to any home decor
• Conditioned with Mineral Oil to ensure long-lasting durability

I could go on and on about this cutting board. I just can't say enough about it though. I have had several cutting boards since getting my own home but this one takes the cake. I think it is the best one yet and should last me the rest of my lifetime.

Copper Fox Company 

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