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Decorating Ideas for a Children’s Room

Do you want to give your little one a new face? Check out these kids room decor ideas!


Children do not always want to sleep in their own bed and parents end up accepting that they stay in their bedroom. Know that with beautiful and cozy decor, this will never happen again!

If you think about decorating a children's room in the right way, use your creativity to play with colors, furniture and decorative elements, this will be their favorite room.

In this article, we'll show you amazing decorating ideas for both baby rooms and grown-ups. Check out!

Decoration for a children's room (Photo: Paul & Paula / Reproduction)


Safety First!

There are many decoration possibilities for a children's room that can guarantee the safety of the little ones.

Regardless of the size of the room, some precautions are essential before and during the execution of any project where children will be staying.


  • Check the quality of the chosen furniture: Cots or beds must have the INMETRO test and approval seal.


  • Corners can be dangerous:  If the furniture you choose has corners at the child's height, it is important to attach corner protectors.


  • Allergy-Free Materials: Curtains, rugs, stuffed animals, and other toys must be hypoallergenic to avoid problems in the future.


  • Location of shots:  Children are naturally curious, and if shots are within their reach, they will likely explore the object. The best option, in this case, is to attach outlet protectors.


  • Grid or protection net:  Very common in apartment windows, it should also be used even in one-story houses. A fall from any height can seriously injure children. Therefore, placing grids or screens is paramount.


  • Door and drawer lock:  They are also very important to ensure that children do not open and end up climbing on the furniture. You can find drawer locks on our website.


  • Avoid placing furniture near the window:  As we've said, most kids are natural climbers. Therefore, it is good to prevent furniture from being close to windows.


  • Bed protection rails:  Cribs already come with this item, but not all beds do. In that case, invest in bed rails, especially those for younger children.


Now that you know the main recommendations that will ensure the safety of your son or daughter let's go to decorating tips that will make these corners even more beautiful and cozy.

Decoration for a children's room (Photo: Simple Decoration / Reproduction)


Starting to Decorate the Children's Room

Children are life, fun, future and joy. If you don't have the resources to change the decor as they grow, choose a basic style for wall covering and bet on decorative elements.

As they get bigger, you'll just need to change these decorations, which will make your life easier and save your pocketbook.

The children's universe is just amazing! You can play with multiple possibilities, from princes and princesses to heroes and heroines! With the increase of characters in cartoons and animations, the preference of parents and children can be facilitated since creating an environment that refers to the character is increasingly accessible.

Remember that, in addition to decoration, you need to think about space — after all, this will be a child's corner to play, sleep, study and have fun with friends.

When she's too young to decide on decorative elements, the first choice is yours. But, as she grows up and develops her own tastes, it is necessary to listen to the child's opinion when changing the decor.

Colorful baby room. Project by architect and designer Cris Passos (Photo: Cristiane Passos / Reproduction)


Decorating Ideas for a Children's Room

Taking into account the tastes of the little ones, think of a beautiful and practical decoration that can teach them organizational concepts from an early age.

Involving children in the task of decorating their own corner is a way to bring parents and children even closer together. She will feel important and responsible for keeping you beautiful and tidy at all times.


1. Color of Walls

Never impose on your child the color you like. Let him freely choose his favorite color, which will make him happy to be in that environment.

If ink is not a viable option, try using wallpaper! Children's models have different themes such as animals, characters, flowers, cars, toys and others! They are also easy to change.

Modern Rainbow Children's Room Decor (Photo: The Sensible Shopaholic / Reproduction)


2. Beds

There are many bed possibilities that you can invest in. Some have character themes; others are more neutral. The bunk beds are very useful when they receive roommates to sleep. This way, you ensure that they are well accommodated.

If you have more than one child, you can also invest in bunk beds, as long as they have protection bars. Some models have a slide, making the environment more playful and fun.

Bunk bed with slide: safe and fun (Photo: Revista Interiores / Reproduction)


3. Lighting

Lighting is important in all rooms, especially the children's. You can use sunlight during the day and opt for quality light for nighttime.

If your child is not comfortable sleeping in the dark, invest in children's lamps that make the space prettier and ensure that the little ones sleep peacefully.


Playful wall light to light up the child's room (Photo: Revista VD / Reproduction)


4. Reading Corner

If you have space, the amazing idea is to make a cozy corner inside the room to inspire reading.

Every day, read with your child to kick-start the habit and increase the bonds of affection between you. It is possible to create this little corner with some shelves and pillows.

Cozy Reading Corner (Photo: Pretty Little Row House / Reproduction)


5. Bench or Activity Table

Another super cool idea is to have a workbench or activity table for the child to unleash their imagination and creativity! This space will provide the pleasure of coloring, writing and drawing, in addition to being a great alternative when the little ones want to scratch the walls.

Over the years and as the child grows, this bench can become a study table, where he can do his homework.

Activities table in the room. Project Carolina Escada and Patricia Landau, from the office Escala Arquitetura / Reproduction)


6. Decorative Frames

The paintings bring a lot of joy and color to the environment and have endless illustration models and themes. Play with the colors, sizes and shapes of these frames. That way, you can create an interactive and playful environment.



Decorative frames make the environment more playful and fun (Photo: Mooui / Reproduction)


7. Carpets

Give preference to rugs made of EVA. They are non-allergenic, soft, colorful and fun. They are also great for making sure the little ones don't catch the cold and avoid accidents. Another advantage is that they are easy to clean.



EVA mats make the space safer and are anti-allergenic (Photo: Duplex Interiors / Reproduction)


8. Toys

Practically impossible not to associate children with toys, isn't it? Use them in decor too! They work for games and also add a special touch to the room. The most important thing is to check if the type of toy is suitable for the child's age, avoiding possible accidents in the future.



Toys provide leisure and can even be decorative (Photo:
Shirota Yuri / Unsplash / Reproduction)


9. Chalkboard on the Wall

As we've said, kids love to scribble on walls! Stickers that imitate blackboard are a good option to avoid headaches with renovations in the future and still ensure that your child's creativity and imagination run wild. It is a type of wallpaper that allows you to scribble on it with chalk and is easy to clean.



Chalkboard in the bedroom: frees children's creativity and is easy to clean (Photo: Elle Decoration / Reproduction)


10. Shelves and Niches

When we talk about the reading corner, we recommend using shelves to accommodate the books — but they can also be used to place other decorative objects or even to work as a support for the changing table, with tissues, diapers, etc. shelves and niches are also installed in the rooms of Dha Multan.

Niches and shelves help with organization and also give a decorative touch (Photo: Creating with Attachment / Reproduction)


11. Organizing Boxes and Baskets

One of the most needed items in the children's room is the organizer boxes or baskets. In addition to contributing as a decorative element, they provide moments of learning for the little ones.

They give a sense of organization to the environment so that it is always visually clean and at the same time functional. It is important to guide the children playfully, as it is fun to store their belongings after the games so that nothing is lost or broken.

Organizing boxes and baskets create a sense of responsibility and organization in children (Photo: IKEA / Reproduction)


Ready to Set Up Your Little One's Room?

We are sure you are full of ideas on how to decorate a children's room! Join your suggestions with those you saw here in the article and create the most playful and cozy environment possible for your son or daughter.

The most important thing here is not the amount to be spent but the pleasure of leaving the space with his face so that he feels comfortable being there. You may also check out the room décor of kingdom valley for more interesting décor ideas.

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