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Decorating Your Home With Horse Themed Items

If you are among those who love horses, having the home decor in horse theme must be interesting and special activities. 

With this, your house will never be similar to any other home. Although this decoration has an aged look for some, it can make your house more sophisticated, especially if you have an equestrian resident. 

You will never need to be afraid of the limitation of horse items as there are many options for you to choose from. 

Here are some ideas for your reference.

Statue Of Horse

Among the most popular items for any horse lover, a horse statue inside the equestrian décor ranks first. This statue can be from many different materials as your requirements, including the classic version of the wooden icon, porcelain, or copper. 

It would be best if you had a high detail statue to show the horse's true physical shape. The greatest statue must be the one that delivers the muscle of a horse that makes the statue more alive. Now, what else can you have for house decoration? Continue reading to find out. 

Painting With Horse

Are you searching for something to decorate your empty walls? If that is the case, then a painting of a horse must be the best idea. It is optional to have solely big paintings of horses at one focus point within the room or have many small paintings placed at the décor hall. Regarding the color, the painting might be Grayscale, monochrome, or colorful as your need to meet your interior style theme.

Or in case you can spend more budget on  decoration, you can try the wall art by asking the artist to paint directly on the walls with a painting of a horse. This will surely bring your house with an amazing luxurious look. If you want more options in horse theme decoration, the following is another option for you.

Horse Cover Sofa

It might be hard to have a sofa with horse patterns that contain horse pictures on it. As a result, you can try the horse cover on your house furniture, such as the coat in horse painting covering the entire sofa and the couch pillows also covered with various horse patterns.

 If that is too much for your sofa deco, you can have the cloth with a horse pattern laying on the back of your sofa. In this case, the pillow with a horse racing pattern is an additional must-have item in your deco. By the way, if you are concerned about the horse racing results, check out the latest horse racing results here.


Those are all the best options of house decoration in horse theme. You might now have the plan of which one to buy and where to place those horse items. Making your house stand out from others is a way to show your taste. 

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