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Defenage Skincare

When you hear the word toiletries, you normally think of things for women. Like beauty products and what not. But men’s needs in skincare should not fall to the wayside. They need just as much tender loving care as a woman devotes to her skin. Now that the winter season is upon us, those wind chills can bring nasty dehydrated skin to our faces and hands. Having a skin care regimen is the first step into battling such harsh conditions. That’s where Defenage comes in.

Who are they? Defenage is a company that came up with a skin care regimen to treat the visible signs of skin weariness and damage. What does that mean? It means that they have fifteen proven studies to correct huge pores, acne, wrinkles, and melanin overproduction. They have even been featured in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. Some of the things they work on are: alpha and beta defensive containing anti aging skin care regimen with clinical, histopahtologic, immunohistochemical, photographic, and ultrasound evaluation. Their study and research is an exact science. In fact, for more than five years now, they are the first skincare company that does not use animal or human derived ingredients.

Defenage carries some amazing kits to help everyone get started. That includes a men’s skincare kit. In this kit, you receive a bio serum, barrier balance cream, a reveal masque, multi cleanser, a sport towel, and a very nice toiletry bag with multiple compartments. The kit retails at $427, a small fortune deemed as an investment in your skin care health. The reason why my husband and I invest in Defenage is, because we stand behind products that work.

Using the kit is easy. The first step is to use a small dime sized portion of cleansing gel and massage onto face. Then rinse. Next, apply twice a day of barrier balance cream. Lastly, use a pump of bioserum into the face and another pump for the neck. Also, it would be a good idea to use the reveal masque either once or twice a week to help with hydration. My husband feels prettier after he uses the men’s kit. He feels that his skin is more elastic than before.

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