I received a sample of Dei Fratelli Gluten Free Tomato Soup to try so I figured we would try this soup just like any other tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. We sat down to eat and to be quite honest I put the spoon in my mouth expect it to have a strange taste or weak flavor, maybe even an aftertaste. My taste buds were really surprised by the great taste and full body this tomato soup had! I couldn't believe it. Both of us finished every last drop. I never would have guessed it was gluten free! It was absolutely delicious! As I started reading I found that all of the Dei Fratelli products were naturally gluten free!
They not only carry tomato soup but also Salsas, Tomato Juice, Diced Tomatoes, Sloppy Joe sauce, Tomato Sauce and much more.  The Tomato soup is loaded with a true tomato flavor.  It has a nice zesty flavor that will keep you coming back for more — and is one of the very few condensed tomato soups that is 100% gluten free!

Very fast to prepare all u do is add a can of water to the soup and you can make it on the stove or microwave either way it tastes very good with a hint of onion and garlic, So with the cooler weather coming  up his would be great to eat.

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