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Delectable Foods For Your Family

This Holiday Season Give The Gift Of Delectable Foods – Especially For Your Family!

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with good, delectable food?  It's what humans have always done.  We gather with food and enjoy one another's company.  Even as far back as the Bible days they celebrated by food and drink.  Well, instead of buying food at the local supermarket, try Circle B Ranch!  They have the best pork and many different types of food that your family will absolutely love.  They sent me their Marina's Chutney (3 jars) and Big John's Bacon Snack Stick Sampler.  There's nothing better than yummy snacks when hanging out with the family!

Delectable Fresh Fruit Chutney

I have to be honest with you, I had never used or tried chutney, but I couldn't wait to taste it!  They say it goes great on pork or other meats.  Not to mention, it's even good on crackers and chips.  I received 3 jars and each one is a different flavor.  My favorite (after trying it) is their Marina's Pear Ginger Chutney.  They also sent Cranberry and Cranberry Apple Jalapeno Chutney.   Just tasting it right from the spoon makes my mouth so happy.  You can tell by the taste it is made from high quality ingredients because they use only the freshest fruit and organic spices.  All of that equals very happy tastebuds!

Yummy Bacon Snack Sticks

If you have a person that's hard to buy for, like my son, this is the perfect snack for them.  These snack sticks will make even the most picky bacon eater happy.  Who doesn't love bacon, plus they're KETO friendly.  Not only that, but each stick is filled with protein.  The flavors of this sample pack are Bacon, Bacon Jalapeno, and Pineapple Pork.  My favorite happens to be the pineapple one, mainly because I love sweet flavors.  Each stick is a full 1 oz. and has no high fructose syrup added.  Also, no red dye, preservatives, or sodium benzoate.  You can bet on full flavored goodness while filled with only great stuff!

If you're on a paleo diet you'll be happy to know these are paleo friendly too.  Not to mention they're gluten, dairy, and MSG free.  If you're still looking for some stocking stuffers, go check them out!

Happy Holidays to you all.

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