I love to create meals for my family, and I love it, even more, when my family enjoys them. We spend hours watching cooking shows, and one of our favorite chefs to watch is Martha Stewart. The kids know the difference between Martha Bakes and Martha's Cooking School, and they are always asking me to make something that she has created on one of her shows. Well, imagine their surprise when a big box showed up with her name on it, filled with all the delicious ingredients needed to create a delicious meal! The box? MarleySpoon, of course!

Martha Stewart


Everything you could possibly need to make the recipes comes in a box filled with ice packs. You get the recipe cards that lay out the incredibly simple instructions, and all of the ingredients are fresh. The ingredients are organic, and ready to be made into an amazing meal…most of which take around 30 minutes! Hows that for an awesome weeknight meal?

I received two in my box, Italian Sausage Pasta Soup, and Creamy Tagliatelle Pasta. I made the Italian Sausage Pasta Soup and was skeptical about my kids liking it because it has kale in it. However, to my pleasant surprise, my kids LOVED it! So much so that they asked me to make it again; Even my husband could not get over how good it was. This mama was, of course, thrilled with the ease of making it!

Martha Stewart

The thing I love most about MarleySpoon, is that they have a new menu every week; You can choose from 10 different recipes! They work with the best grass-fed beef, artisanal vinegars, and seasonal produce, along with the finest purveyors of any other ingredients needed. I mean, would you expect anything less from Martha?

If you love to cook, but hate to shop, and want the finest ingredients and easiest meals delivered right to your door, you have to try MarleySpoon. You will love it, I promise!!


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