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Delicious Plant-Based Seasonings

These Delicious Plant-Based Seasonings Will Bring Any Food To Life!

These days you can't read anything about health without seeing the words “plant-based”.  Why, you ask?  Because that is one of the healthiest forms of food there is.  When we eat foods that literally come straight from the soil we're giving our bodies the best we can give it.  Sometimes food can certainly be bland, especially when you're trying to eat right.  That's where Parma! comes in!  These plant-based seasonings will give any food that needed boost to keep us coming back for more.  Do you like bacon flavoring?  Well, Parma! has that, but there's oh so much more.  Using these will trick your brain into thinking you're cheating, but you're still eating healthy.

Plant-Based Alternatives

Do you absolutely love parmesan but don't want to put the unhealthy numbers into your body?  Parma! can help you with that.  They have the most delicious, cheesy, vegan, lactose-free parmesan on the planet.  You don't want to miss this!  Imagine taking these wonderful seasonings everywhere with you.  When you're sitting down at your favorite restaurant just sneak a little shake here and there with Parma! and you'll enjoy your meal that much more.  All of this while giving your body what it needs and nothing more.  These seasonings are literally a type of super food!  They're all dairy, gluten, and GMO-free.  In addition, they're soy-free, Kosher certified, and keto/paleo-friendly.

Do you need anything more?  Let's talk about the actual taste.  I used the Better Than Bacon Parma! in my scrambled eggs and oh my goodness.  When I say they were absolutely scrumptious, I'm not kidding.  Instead of adding bacon with all of its nasty salt, fat, and greasiness, I used something that will boost my health.  The taste is unlike anything I can even explain.  I was prepared for a “fake” flavor, if you will.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when it blasted by tastebuds!

If you don't like parmesan or bacon, they do have a couple of other flavors.  Such as Original and Garlicky Green, which are just as amazing.  Some tips they give you are to use all of their seasonings on popcorn, salads, greens, pasta, and pizza.  Just use your own imagination!  As you can see in this last picture I used the bacon Parma! on my fries.  They were amazing!

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