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Desk Gifts/Ideas

Odds are you have a desk in your home for either your job since many people work from home or for a student to do their homework, projects, etc.  Or maybe you just have a desk because that is where you keep your computer. Maybe you even have your own little “office” in your home, a little corner or room where you keep your desk.  School has started back up so chances are the desk is getting a lot of use.  No matter where you keep your desk, whether it is in a bedroom or a corner of the living room or you have your own little office space, there are some things that can spruce your desk up and also make you feel more comfortable when you are sitting at it.  Myself, working from home I spend most of my day at my desk in my little office.

The first thing is the desk itself. They say that the worst thing to do is sit at a desk all day. They say you should move around.  Now I am not sure about your job but I can tell you that leaving my desk to stretch my legs is not feasible.  I need to get my work done.  Varidesk is a great concept that allows you to get on your feet while you are working so you are not sitting on your butt all day (with the exception of the occasional  trip to the bathroom or to get a drink, etc.).  Varidesk fits right on your desk and no matter what type of desk you have or how little space, you can find one that is perfect for your computer.  Then you just adjust the height at will so you can actually stand while you are working at your desk and still see your computer and be able to work.  Now if you are thinking to yourself, “Well that is fine except I have a laptop,” well, that is exactly what I have and Varidesk makes a small standing desk for laptops   so if that is what you have (with a small desk to match) and need a small one, you are covered.  No reason to not be able to stand and stretch.

Let’s talk about mats.  I have one under my desk. It does nothing.  Until now.  Varidesk also makes a mat, the ActiveMat Groove, which really is awesome for me since I fidget so much. Now I can fidget and this helps my circulation and stress whether I am standing OR sitting.  I honestly do not know how I got along without one.


Okay, so we talked about desks and mats, and now what do you need at your desk? A chair, of course! The VariChair is the perfect chair to promote good posture and allows you to sit or lean if you are in the standing position.


The last thing I want to touch upon is something you may not think of as something you need, but believe me I have.  That is earphones. Believe it or not, these things have saved my sanity.  When I am working and trying to listen to something it saves on the background noises that I encounter so I do not have to listen over and over again because I missed something or just couldn’t hear it.  When my child is doing their homework, now a lot of it is on the computer and they are listening to something or researching something (or maybe just playing some music in the background when on the computer) and to be quite honest I do not want to hear what they are listening to.  This has saved some frustration in both aspects. They also fit nice over the ears, unlike ear buds that always pop out! That’s all the practicalities discussed, to help us work more efficiently, but what about the unnecessary items we can use to brighten up our workspace!? A flamingo table lamp, photo’s of our gorgeous pooch, mesmerizing desk toys and some quirky stationery. Now the office is complete!

There is no reason to be idle anymore when working.  You can stretch and keep active without sacrificing work time and there are some handy little gadgets that can help make the time at your desk or time learning more enjoyable too! Check them out!