Few things are worse than losing a pet or almost losing a pet. I remember one evening when I was younger. My family had a tiny Yorkshire Terrier who had managed to slip out of the house. The dog was always safe and protected by us. In the blink of an eye, he had suddenly disappeared. We looked everywhere for him – for hours. It turned out that he had been outside and underneath our car the entire time. Nevertheless, my family and I were terrified. The thought of what could have been happening to him in those moments was scary. The feelings of deep confusion and “what if’s” that plague the mind after incidents such as these are horrible, but these situations could happen to any responsible pet owner. 

Similarly, this is how the journey of Huan began. After sharing the story of how their dog went missing outside and seeing how many pet owners had a version of their own, Huan realized that something needed to be done. They believed there was a better way than putting up flyers and calling the shelter, or hoping some kind stranger finds your lost pet before something happens.

The Network and App That Detects Missing Pets Quickly

A nationwide network that connects pets and their owners named Huan is designed to be widespread and accessible to all. Huan Smart Tags connect your pet to the Huan network while sending a signal every few seconds that can be detected by any smartphone with the Huan App (available for IOS and Android). Huan Sensors are deployed in public locations, and are designed to quickly detect missing pets and are active 24/7, always listening for a lost pet signal. 


The Huan Network also includes Mobile Pet Sensors. These types of sensors are deployed in cars driving around town to further extend coverage, detecting pet signals in real time. The Huan Pet Protection Network keeps your pets safe. Using our growing community of users and the Huan Sensor network, we can detect missing pets before they’re lost, preventing heartbreak and giving you peace of mind. 

The Huan Smart Tag is available in two styles. Made from washable, durable silicon rubber:

  • Huan Collar Sleeve is designed for dog collars. The Collar Sleeve slides on your dogs’ collar for a snug fit. One size fits all, up to 3/4” collar width.

  • Huan Hanging Tag is designed for smaller dogs and cats or extra-wide collars. It comes with a metal ring that can be attached to any collar.

The Smart Tags contain BLE 5.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) with a 400% range increase over previous generations. They offer a battery with up to a year of battery life, using a replaceable CR2032 coin-cell battery. The Smart Tags are protected and guaranteed by their unconditional, year long warranty and they are also IP67 water and dust resistant in 3 feet of liquid for up to 30 minutes.

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