Diamond Dragonfly, Butterfly and Bee Jewelry for This Summer


There is one thing common between dragonflies, butterflies, and bees. They all go through metamorphosis and depict evolution. In the same connotation, they also symbolize renewals. Spring brings with it a similar new beginning that is soon illuminated by summer with a ray of hope. Summer also adds vitality to our lives with the power of the sun. This vital life force finds portrayal even in these busy creatures who make the most of their brief life span. 

So, this summer, complement your vibrant personality with jewelry pieces carved into sparkling dragonflies, bees, and butterflies. Here's a look. 

Dragonfly Jewelry

Diamond Dragonfly Pendant Necklace

Two-tone diamond jewelry for women has a unique appeal. So, check out the rose gold over sterling silver diamond dragonfly pendant necklace. Choose one with a sleek rose gold body and gorgeous diamond-studded wings. The contrasting metals will make the dragonfly jewelry piece pop while you look elegant in those white diamonds.

Garnet and Diamond Dragonfly Earrings

Disney is such an essential part of our childhood that it evokes nostalgia for women of all ages. But more than that, it reminds us of the brave Princesses whom we grew up idolizing. So, this summer, enhance your boldness with Disney dragonfly jewelry. For instance, choose one inspired by Mulan, the courageous Disney Princess. Try the Mulan rhodolite garnet dragonfly earrings with diamonds in white and rose gold. The rich red glow of garnets will mimic the sun, making you look vivacious in these beauties.

Bee Jewelry

Diamond Honeybee Necklace

If you have love buzzing around in your day, don’t stop at dragonfly diamond jewelry. Try bee jewelry as well. These super active buzzing creatures can aptly evoke your inner vibrant self. So, go ahead and sport a sterling silver diamond honeybee pendant necklace. The glistening body of the honeybee with diamond-lined wings will enhance your graceful charm. 

Two-Tone Honeybee Ring

Looking for realistic bee jewelry? Then choose one carved in both yellow and white metals to represent the dual color of the bee. A good pick is the diamond honeybee ring in yellow gold and sterling silver. Choose one with the shank split into multiple stylish strips. The quirky piece can add a bold touch to your look on various occasions, such as summer barbecues.

Butterfly Jewelry

Multicolored Butterfly Earrings

Butterflies are all about color and joy. A butterfly jewelry piece contains all these elements. So, ring in summer with the yellow gold butterfly stud earrings in pink and white Preciosa crystals. These multicolored earrings will reflect different hues at different angles. They will perfectly liven up your white summer dresses.

Diamond Butterfly Necklace

Exude the power of monochrome with a bold butterfly jewelry piece. For instance, choose a sterling silver butterfly pendant necklace in black and white diamonds. The scintillating and contrasting diamonds will reflect your confidence. This is the perfect piece to make a fashion statement on a special occasion. You will certainly look glamorous in it. 

Diamond Butterfly Ring

Imagine a little butterfly sitting on one of your fingers. Lovely, right? So, glide a sterling silver diamond butterfly ring into your finger. Choose one with thin glittering wings for a dainty look. The white diamonds will match the white metal for a serene appeal. 

Diamond Butterfly Bracelet

Butterfly jewelry pieces are available online in a variety of designs. So, you can even embellish your wrist with a sterling silver diamond butterfly bracelet. If you love minimalism, this diamond jewelry piece will perfectly suit your fashion taste while making you glow under the sun. 

Whether you want dragonfly, butterfly, or bee jewelry, shop for them from an online diamond and gemstone jewelry store known for its plethora of designs and affordable prices. Look for matching standalone pieces as well to make your own jewelry set. Check for an international ring size chart and guide so that you find the perfect fit while shopping for rings. Last but not least, check out attractive discounts, offers and deals, free shipping, and easy returns. With these facilities, you can shop for diamond and gemstone jewelry online with utmost satisfaction.

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