Diamonds And Their Colors: Top 6 Things To Know



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Before you rush out and buy a diamond, here’s what you need to know about that investment.

Not all diamonds are created equally and that’s a fact. There are flaws in some stones, some are colored, others are clear. There are cracks, faults, and tiny hairline inclusions of other minerals. Diamonds, loose or set, can be tricky to get right as a first-time buyer.

So how do you go about making sure you buy the best diamonds for you? You follow our advice and learn before you go shopping. Below is all you need to know about choosing diamonds by their color. At least we can eliminate one of the tricky elements of buying diamonds on your behalf.

The Top 6 Things to Know about Diamonds and their Colors

Diamonds aren’t all the same color. Tiny variations in hue produce everything from a mild yellow to a colorless diamond.

1 – There are grades of color in diamonds

Each diamond is a slightly different color. It is the nature of these beautiful gemstones that some are worth more than others, and a way which we work out that worth is by looking at the color and assigning them grades.

2 – The Colorless Diamond is the Highest Graded

Diamonds which have no color whatsoever are of the highest grade. They are graded on a scale from D through to Z, with D being colorless and worth most. Remember, other impurities must also be considered. Just because you have a D grade diamond n color doesn’t mean it won’t potentially be cracked or misshapen.

3 – You can buy colored or colorless diamonds loose

You don’t need to spend money on the extra bits while you are shopping for high quality diamonds. If you want a great diamond without the extra precious metals attached, you can select your own stone by going straight to a loose diamond specialist. There are diamond sellers all over the globe that do this, but you can find one near you by shopping for wholesale diamonds in Dallas Texas, too.

4 – Completely colorless diamonds are Rare

Diamonds are proportionately rare when compared to other fine earth minerals. Of all diamonds, colorless or Grade E diamonds are the rarest of them all. These gemstones are worth much more because they are closer to perfection. Remember, the arrangement of molecules in diamonds is as perfect as it can get.

5 – H Graded Diamonds are often the best value

H graded diamonds aren’t as rare and expensive as a D/E/F/G diamond might be. They have no visible impurities in brown or yellow tones though. If you have an H diamond, you have a perfectly pleasant stone with no color variations, that doesn’t cost you the earth. 

6 – While D are the best for Investors

If you are a diamond expert, want to create truly world class jewelry, or if you are buying loose diamonds for investment purposes, then buying D grade diamonds is the best way forward. They don’t depreciate like other gems do and they are spectacular in quality. D grades are the best quality, after all.

Diamonds make the Best Investment

Regardless of color, there’s no better place to put your money when you need to make an investment.


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