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Kids who Love Dinosaurs and Decorating Eggs

DinoMazing Egg Decorator

Dinosaurs are so fun. They are the “in” theme for the summer as far as birthday parties and playdates have been going. My child loves dinosaurs, because they give off the cool connection to the Jurassic era and she secretly wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up. Besides dinosaurs, my child also loves coloring and making things. The DinoMazing Egg Decorator from Egg Mazing makes a perfect combination for my child.

Hey Buddy Hey Pal

EggMazing toys are designed by Hey Buddy Hey Pal. Because of their success with The Eggmazing toys, they were able to make a $50,000 donation to Texas Make-A-Wish Foundation.  What you get in The Dinomazing Egg Decorator kit is two mystery dinosaur eggs with non sticky slime. Upon cracking open the eggs, you will be able to find the cute dinosaurs inside and be able to swap their head and limbs to create your own type of dinosaur. It is really fun for the kids to get their hands messy. My child loves playing with the slime as well as discovering small dinosaurs. The actual machine is very cool with a fun T-rex print and shaped like an egg. There is also six very fun colorful non-toxic markers.

How To Use

The colors are ideal for an earthy rugged look. With the DinoMazing Egg Decorator, you simply place the mystery egg on the wheel and turn the machine on. It starts to spin immediately. While spinning, your child can choose any of the various marker colors and hold it still over a section of the egg, and it will create beautiful straight lines on the egg that spin its entire circumference. Your child can go sideways and overlap colors truly creating a unique egg and have so much in the process. If your child holds the markers in sections, then the egg comes out sectioned in beautiful bright colors. My child and I love how the mystery eggs have realistic cracks embossed onto the shells. With more color, the cracks show through even stronger. My child loves the cool effect of decorating on a spinning wheel.

The Egg Decorator does need four AA batteries to work. They will be installed on the underside of the Egg Decorator. The batteries should be able to provide over forty fun hours of play time. The markers are not only non-toxic but they do dry quick allowing for a smudge free process. If the markers are taken care of properly, they should be able to decorate over three-hundred eggs. We did notice that small eggs do not work well in the DinoMazing Egg Decorator, and that extra large eggs work the best. We tried it on real eggs and plastic eggs, and they both come out perfectly fine and full of eye catching vivid detail. If you need to clean your Egg Decorator you can always unscrew it to take it apart and wipe down.

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