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Have you ever driven in a rainstorm and the windshield, with the dirt and rain, made it difficult to see? It can definitely be a scary and dangerous situation, especially if you're going at freeway speeds and if there's tons of traffic. That's why it's always a great idea to make sure your windshield wipers are in good shape. Another thing that is important and helpful is to make sure you have the windshield wiper fluid reservoir filled with quality wiper fluid. And, that's where Chipex is here to help you!
Chipex is a company that produces a variety of car-care kits and products, ranging from car-cleaning products to touch-up paint. They enable car owners to care for their car in an affordable, efficient, and effective manner!

Chipex For Your Windshield Care

I had the opportunity to try their Aquaphobic Screen Wash, a highly-concentrated wash that helps to repel the rain that hits your windshield so you can help prevent decreased visibility during the next rainstorm. (Note: I think people in Europe call the windshield a windscreen.)
Windshield 1
How does it work? According to Chipex, “Using biodegradable water repelling technologies, our Aquaphobic Windshield Wash acts fast to bead together water droplets that then fly straight off your screen – you’ll see what we mean when you see it!” And you can see it on their website. Visit their web page for this product and scroll down to find the video. Their video shows the Aquaphobic Screen Wash in action. It's impressive how, even with rain drops on the windshield present, you can still see much better through the windshield using Chipex's product compared to the windshield without it.
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One bottle (containing 1 liter), according to Chipex, provides 7 refills  (for a water reservoir of 5 L). So, I would think it'll last a long time for those with average weather. And, I really like that the bottle provides you with measurements to guide how much to fill your reservoir.
What makes this product even better is that it is also anti-freeze down to -5 degrees Celsius, which will come in handy during that next snowstorm (which is soon approaching for some of us). And, Chipex's screen wash also acts as a conditioner for your wiper blades. It helps prevent the blades from squeaking and prevents things from sticking to them. So, it could help to keep your windshield clear and both your car and you safe! It can also help remove those unsightly bird droppings, which is a big plus in my book.
My husband, who does our car maintenance, was very impressed with this product! He said it didn't leave any streaks or spotting and it also dried very quickly after application.
Chipex would make a great gift for any car owner! You can purchase Chipex's Aquaphobic Screen Wash from the Chipex website.

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Windshield 1

Keep your car's windshield clean with Chipex Screen Wash—it's effective, efficient, and economical!

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