The toys disco robot. I have a great toy from Tosy that is going to be on the top of our kids holiday list. This disco robot is very cute they come in different colors red, blue, pink and purple. When you play music he dances. The robot can do 56 sophisticated movements – High level of freedom with multiple joints. He has 8 lovely face expressions. Super bright glow. Highly-interactive applications compatible with iOS & Android. Comes In 4 Different Colors. Runs on 8 AA Batteries. Disco robot Makes Kids Smile And That Is Always a Good Thing.


DiscoRobo is rated for kids ages 4+, but really any age kid is going to get a kick out of watching Disco Robo strut his stuff.  While your child listens to their beat the robot dances  and kids who watch him (especially the younger ones) just smile and laugh.  Just remember, DiscoRobo will not respond well to music from a phone, tablet or laptop  – you really need a speaker that has some bass.  This robot is very cute. The kids are going to love him.  For more information click here.



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