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Discover the New Blasters from Dart

My nephew loves running around the house, hiding behind furniture, jumping out of nowhere and nailing you with a foam dart. He's been this way since he was little. He started out with the guns that held 5 foam darts but now he's ready for the MAGNUM ™ SUPERDRUM BLASTER and THE ENFORCER MOTORIZED BELT BLASTER.

Dart Foam BlastersThese are no ordinary blasters. Both can hold a ton of foam darts making playtime last a lot longer. No more having to reload after 5 shots or searching the house for where the dart landed. Now they can shoot 40 darts before they have to stop and reload.

The Magnum Superdrum Blaster has a 40 round rotating drum, an auto-advance rapid fire and shoots darts up to 80 feet. That's 80 feet! Think of the backyard shenanigans that can happen with this toy.

The Enforcer is a little fancier with a motorized full-auto blasting feature. It also holds 40 darts but it can shoot all 40 of them in under 30 seconds! Talk about fast, it'll take you longer to load the Enforcer than to empty it. It does require 6AA batteries that are not included.

img_1399If you have a child in your life that loves to play army or shoot darts these are definitely a must. And both blasters work with most darts that are on the market. Plus, you can purchase additional packs of darts too. I highly suggest buying a ton of extra darts. It never fails that we lose a few each time we play with our blasters. Plus if you send your child outside to play with the blasters I can guarantee you'll lose a few.

img_1400Dart Zone makes an assortment of dart blasters for everyone to enjoy. There are manual ones as well as the automatic one. But they all work with other foam darts that are on the market.

If you are looking for a toy to gift this holiday season for a dart enthusiast take a look at the Magnum Superdrum Blaster and the Enforcer. They are available at Target or Walmart.

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