My son Zachary and his friend have been bugging me to play Disney Fantasia Music Evolved since I received it for review. Last night I caved and allowed them to play it, it started out with such a dramatic musical entourage and the kids were instantly transfixed in the playing of the game.the child while playing the game steps in time to the music and like a conductor will use his arms to go with the beat , you are  an apprentice of the master sorcerer Yen Sid and you must collect the stars and moons that go on the infamous blue hat.a little into the game you team up with scout and together must conquer “the noise” during the game you collect composition spells and use them to be able to switch the music into your own creation.


You are able to switch up the music by choosing different instruments and of course 2 eight year olds had a blast mixing up the variety of sounds to come up with their own version.the worlds that you enter into were so artistic and it made it that much more magical.it features a lot of songs that children love like frozens let it go and Bruno Mars locked out of heaven and as the kids play the game even if they do not “keep up” with beat and gather the magical light show, the game does not tell them it was a poor job and make them redo it to perfection so there is no pressure to get that perfect score only fun while playing the game. This game is available in xbox 360 and xbox one system but must be used with your kinect. As the kids were playing I would take turns playing with them as well, so this is not only for children I loved it too. Although my son has never seen the movie fantasia he absolutely loved the game and already asked if they can play it again when he had his next play date. For more information click here.


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