This large display clock is absolutely the best as far as I am concerned. They say the first thing to go is our mind. I don't believe them. I think it is the eyesight. I love how big the numbers are on this clock. I sure can see them with no problem. Which I think is just great. Love it so much. I have it in a prominent place so we don't have to go looking for a clock or watch or check the t.v. or anything. We pretty much just have to turn our heads a little and there is the clock right there where it can be seen.

  • CONVENIENT PLACEMENT OPTIONS – Has a kickout stand for a shelf or dresser or can hang from a wall near a power socket. Tablet size screen is sharp and clear from across the room or even from the lounge to the kitchen. Easy to read in a sun filled room or in a darkened one. Place the clock in the living space most frequented – living room, bedroom, kitchen, study. Powered by AC.
  • EASY TO SET UP – Only takes a minute. Simply push buttons on back to select date, time and language options. If buying for an elderly relative set it up for them. The clock will reset itself to the current time even after being unplugged and plugged in again. Will even reset itself to the correct time after a power failure. Language options very helpful for seniors whose first language is not English.
  • PERFECT FOR – Seniors and elderly; anyone with memory loss or confusion issues; dementia sufferers; those who have had a stroke or with failing eyesight; people with intellectual disabilities. The FREE 7 day pill box is a helpful bonus for synchronising time with medication.
  • NOT JUST FOR SENIORS – If you have a busy schedule, work shifts, need to keep focussed or have deadlines to meet this clock is for you. Great for business when noting time and date for orders. Helpful also to have this clock next to a sign-in or sign-out book to get the time and date correct. Great for the classroom. All the information you require is conveniently supplied on the one screen. Fun to use in a different language mode if you are learning languages.

Go online and place your order for your own large display clock.


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