It isn't often that we come across beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry, that also have a wonderful back story. Most mainstream jewelry is mass-produced and very expensive, and there is no real story. That's not the case with this beautiful line of Guatemalan Jewelry from Dunitz and Co.

Guatemalan Jewelry

These gorgeous fused glass earrings are just one style in a line of fused glass jewelry. Each piece of glass in these earrings is hand cut, and as a result, each earring will be slightly different from the other. These triangle cut earrings come in five color choices and each pairing of colors is absolutely divine. They also have fused glass necklaces, to make a full set.

These earrings are lightweight and don't weigh heavy on the ears, which makes them comfortable for long wear. Made with fused glass, glass beads, and surgical steel ear wires, the earrings are 1/2 in wide and dangle 1-1/4 in.

Guatemalan Jewelry

Another beautiful piece from Dunitz and Co. comes in the form of these beautiful Peruvian leather flowers. Made in Peru, and from dyed sheepskin, these leather flowers have a pin back, so you can attach them to your scarf, handbag, or hat. I love the uniqueness of this flower pin, it is unlike flower pins I have seen elsewhere.

Guatemalan Jewelry

As unique and beautiful as this Guatemalan Jewelry and Peruvian Flowers are, the practices of the company match that beauty. Dunitz and Co. are a Fair Trade company, that believes in the Golden Rule…Do onto others as you would have them do unto you. This was a philosophy that Nancy Dunitz lived by, before “Fair Trade” became a part of the business world, so it was easy for her to transfer it to being fair with the artists that she works with.

Treat people with respect; Create an opportunity for those who might not otherwise have it; Pay people fairly for their work; Ensure worker safety; sustain and promote those you've nurtured…5 things that make a Fair Trade Company. 5 things that make a company like Dunitz and Co. That's the kind of company I can get behind, and one I would gladly do business with time and again.

The jewelry and flowers from Dunitz and Co, are just a small taste of the distinct beauty that would make the perfect Mother's Day gift. So pick something you like, or Mom would like and give the gift of distinct and unique beauty.

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