Mohu Leaf Amplified HDTV indoor antenna

Ditch Cable And Boost Your TV Experience - Mohu Leaf Amplified HDTV indoor antenna

We're all looking for a better TV watching experience. And we all want to enjoy all of our favorite shows without paying an arm and a leg for them. Mohu offers a variety of options to help you do just that.

The Mohu Leaf® 50 is a paper-thin amplified indoor 4K-ready HDTV antenna that will help you get better reception as well as give you the option to save money on your monthly cable bill. Seriously, it's thin! Think heavy-duty cardstock. It's like that. It can be stashed anywhere — inside (or underneath) a cabinet, on the back of a book shelf, behind a painting, or any of a hundred other places.

Mohu Leaf 50 amplified indoor HDTV antenna

The antenna is reversible with white on one side and black on the other to match any decor. It's paintable, too, so you can truly personalize it to go in any room of your home. It's also multi-directional with a 50-mile range, no need for “pointing” it in any certain way. Just pin it up wherever you have room for it and plug it in with the included power cord or directly into your TV with the 16-ft. high-performance cable with USB port. This antenna will allow you to access Over-the-Air TV channels without a cable or satellite subscription. CleanPeak Filter technology filters out cellular and FM signals, resulting in a clearer picture and allowing access to more channels.

The Mohu Leaf® 50 includes a revolutionary digital HDTV amplifier with a low noise figure and one-of-a-kind RF filtering. What exactly does this mean in terms of performance? It means that the Leaf 50 is optimized specifically for TV stations, filtering any additional RF signals that can hinder picture quality. The result? A top-performing indoor antenna that will allow you to receive the top 20 shows for FREE in full high 1080p definition. —– Mohu website

Mohu Leaf 50 Amplified Indoor HDTV antenna


Of course, with the Mohu Leaf® 50 you can receive the big networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. Many of the top tv shows we all love to watch are available Over-The Air in 1080 high-definition and they are all free to watch with the Mohu Leaf® 50! For anyone who is considering ditching their high-priced cable company and all of their insane fees, you should definitely visit the Mohu website and check out their products to see all that they have to offer to you in your home area.

Have you ditched cable yet, or are you interested in doing so? Check out the Mohu website and tell me which of their antenna products you would choose!


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