Ditto Helps You Enjoy Life Again


Do you remember life before our smartphones? Enjoying a meal with your family and actually talking to each other? Now a days everyone is always looking at their phones because they may miss something they feel is important. Ditto helps you go back to the good ole days. Where you can enjoy your life without being attached to your phone.

Ditto is waterproof and very discreet and small. You can clip it onto your bra strap, slip into your jean pocket, or even wear it on the beautiful (adjustable) band that is included. The velcro on the ends of the band makes it able to fit everyone's wrist.


Ditto allows you to personalize the alerts you receive. You can set up notifications for only certain incoming calls, emails, texts. The people you think are important enough to interrupt what you are doing for. This feature I think may possibly be my favorite – if you leave your phone behind it will alert you before you leave. This beautiful little device will save me so much time. I don't know how many times I have left my phone somewhere and had to try and remember where and then turn around and go back. It can also be used as an alarm clock. Just wear it like a watch and it will vibrate and not disturb your spouse. You can also set it up as a reminder of special events. 

It is very easy to assemble and use. You can set this up for so many different options and alerts. How did I ever manage before Ditto? Now I can enjoy my life, my food, my family and still receive the important alerts. No more wasted time on stuff that isn't that important. You do not have to charge this nightly, it will remind you when a new battery is needed. 

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