DIY.  I see that a lot.  Everybody is always trying to put out videos and book on how to “do it yourself” but truth be told I am just not handy.  Why should I frustrate myself when I could easily have someone come and do it in half the time and without all the aggravation of figuring out how exactly to do it?

Luckily Roto-Rooter made it so easy to clean my drains and septic and pipes that I actually CAN do this myself.  It took me a while but when I finally started paying attention I thought of how crazy it was to call a plumber when my sink was clogged or I couldn't get something to go down the drain.  I also used to have them service my septic tank and these things would all cost no less than 100 dollars each time I had someone come to the house.  I would try cleaners you poured in your sink or bathtub and they never seemed to do the trick and I would just end up calling someone to come and snake it or whatever they did exactly.

I used to see Roto-Rooter commercials a lot and the jingle always stuck in my head, so I decided to try it.  Now if you don't know what jingle I am talking about, you may not, I have not seen these commercials for years or heard the jingle, which just speaks to how great the jingle was that I still remember it after all these years.  That is certainly saying something for their ad campaign!


Roto-Rooter works so great at unclogging my sinks and bathtub that I am saving hundreds of dollars a year just in not having to call in somebody.  This is one thing I really can do by myself, and it couldn't be easier than buying the product and pouring.  I actually started using it once a month just to try to get all the gook and stuff out before I had the problem with the hair building up or whatever and actually causing the water to go down very slowly or a big clog.  That is how easy it is, I don't have to wait for something to happen before I force myself to do it.

They even make a product for the septic tank/leech field and if you have them you will know exactly what I am talking about.  I cannot tell you how many times I had problems with them and when they come out to take care of them, it is even more expensive so for me to try to prevent any problems is worth it, and again, easy so it is not like I dread having to do it or it becomes a big “chore.”  I wish all chores were as easy as this.

Next time you have a pipe issue, before you reach for the phone to call a plumber try Roto-Rooter and try a DIY project that is so easy it doesn't even feel like a project.  You will save so much money by buying the product and using it rather than calling someone in to do something that is so easy you could DIY.  I wish I had figured it out sooner, I would have saved so much money.  Check out Roto-Rooter and all their products here!

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